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winter activies - ski, soak and snowshoe

Do Winter Your Way in Glenwood Springs

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking snowy escapades on the slopes and beyond, a relaxation aficionado craving a restorative geothermal experience, or a devotee of cozy indoor entertainment and fine dining, Glenwood Springs is your Colorado winter vacation destination.

What constitutes the perfect winter vacation? Well, it’s a question with a different answer for each traveler. For many, winter in Colorado means embracing the snowy outdoors. For others, it’s a time to seek indoor comforts and relaxation. Fortunately, Glenwood Springs appeals to wintertime travelers of all types. Yes, it has a ski area, but it’s much more than just another Colorado ski town. Soaking in the outdoor hot springs when the snow is falling is reason enough to plan a visit. Add in a vibrant dining scene and one-of-kind entertainment and you’ve created the ideal winter vacation—that’s Glenwood Springs!

Snow Bound: Mountains of Thrills

Glenwood Springs is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, and Sunlight Mountain Resort is the local hub for skiers and snowboarders. The hometown resort is tailored to intermediate-level skiers and riders. However, the double-black diamond East Ridge runs test the mettle of expert athletes while Ute, a nearly 3-mile-long cruiser suitable for all levels of expertise, is a sweeping rollercoaster ride from the summit to the base.

For those craving the roar of a snowmobile, the trails around Sunlight Mountain provide an unforgettable adventure that takes riders to places rarely accessible otherwise. Sunlight Snowmobile Tours provides all you need—from gear to instruction—so you can vroom for miles over hill and dale through White River National Forest. Guides lead the way on groomed trails, but there’s also ample time for powder play in snow-covered meadows. The crisp mountain air and panoramic views make snowmobiling an action-packed choice for high-octane winter thrills.

Leisurely Recreation: Caves and Snowshoeing

If you’re seeking a thrilling yet more mellow activity, explore the milder side of Glenwood. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is known for its over-the-edge rides but originally the caverns were the park’s main attraction. Winter is the perfect time to go underground and explore the hidden world beneath the surface. The caves are a comfortable 52˚F year-round, so you probably won’t break a sweat. Still, be prepared to climb about 100 stairs as you descend into the lowest portions of the King’s Row tour. The exertion is worth the effort though as glimpsing stunning rock formations is sure to take your breath away.

Snowshoeing is another option for a slower-paced activity. Sunlight’s Babbish Gulch trails, which are free to use, are ideal for a snowy walk in the woods. Follow groomed and packed paths through aspen groves and wide-open meadows and past historic structures on well-marked loop trails. Although speed is not the point of snowshoeing, you’ll still experience the exhilaration that comes with immersing yourself in the wintry beauty of nature.

Relaxation at Its Peak: A Trio of Geothermal Treats

hot springs winterAfter a day of recreational exploits, unwind in the soothing embrace of Glenwood’s hot springs. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is famous as the town’s historic hot spot where two enormous pools take center stage. The spacious, larger pool with lap lanes and a diving board at the west end is a comfortable 90 to 93˚F. Its size encourages guests to be playful, while the therapy pool with its underwater steps, benches, therapy jet chairs and power shower clusters hovers near 104˚F, inviting guests to fully immerse themselves in the relaxing mineral waters.

For another take on the geothermal experience, Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers multiple smaller soaking pools, all of them different shapes and temperatures. There’s also a cooler, freshwater family pool and an elevated jetted spa, all of which overlook the Roaring Fork River. WorldSprings is the newest addition to Iron Mountain. This separate area caters to the over-21 crowd and features designated “experience” pools that re-create the mineral content of famous pools, baths and even seas from around the globe.

Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves is yet another opportunity for heat-based thermal relaxation. A truly unique experience, the caves are the only known natural vapor caves in North America. Steam from the geothermal mother spring seeps into the caves and fills them with mineral-rich vapor. The warm steam relaxes the body and mind as it coaxes away tension. Upstairs in the spa, visitors can indulge in an array of offerings including massage treatments, body wraps, facials and more.

Indoor Pursuits: Culinary & Comedy Delights

Glenwood Springs isn’t just about outdoor adventures though; the destination boasts a vibrant indoor scene as well. Explore culinary offerings, ranging from cozy cafes to upscale restaurants. Wherever your appetite leads you, it won’t lead you astray in Glenwood Springs!

For an evening of laughter and entertainment, Glenwood Vaudeville Revue is a must-visit. This lively and humorous show will keep you in stitches for nearly two hours with its mix of professional-level comedy, music, and vaudeville-style performances.

Warm Up to Winter Your Way in Glenwood Springs

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a relaxation enthusiast or someone who enjoys the warmth of the indoors, Glenwood Springs is a destination that caters to every winter wanderer’s desires. Make plans for your upcoming to Glenwood Springs today and get ready to experience winter your way!


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