Glenwood Springs Welcomes Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Route

Community Celebration Planned to Mark Inaugural Arrival on August 15, 2021 Glenwood Springs, a Colorado mountain town known worldwide for its hot springs and outdoor adventures will welcome Rocky Mountaineer guests on the debut train route from Denver, Colorado to Moab, Utah. Last fall, Rocky Mountaineer announced its plans to bring its luxury train journeys […]

A Happy Hiker’s Guide to Glenwood Springs Trail Etiquette

“Minding your manners” while exploring Glenwood Springs trails is simple, and anything but onerous. It comes down to knowing where to go and what to pack and practicing common-sense protocols that ensure trails stay beautiful for everyone that comes along after you. Choose Wisely Glenwood Springs is home to beautiful hiking trails that run the […]

Up, Up & Away: Hitting the Heights in Glenwood Springs

Not only are the views from above exceptional, so are the thrills and excitement! When it comes to mountain-top experiences in Colorado, Glenwood Springs offers elevated options that range from heart-racing to spirit-lifting. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush or something more soul-soothing, Glenwood Springs makes the most of its high-altitude topography with […]

Fresh Food & Upbeat Music: Summer Like a Local in Glenwood Springs

Refresh both your palate and playlist for summertime in Glenwood Springs. Seasonal flavors and laid-back outdoor concerts are at their peak right now in your favorite Colorado hot springs town. Summer is peak time for organically grown good eats in Glenwood Springs From June through October, Glenwood Springs Downtown Market is a weekly stop for […]

Experience a New Groove with Summer Activities in Glenwood Springs

Vacations are the perfect time to try a few new-to-you activities. Give your summer getaway to Glenwood Springs a boost with out-of-the-box experiences that are a blast for the whole family. Not only is summertime ideal for a warm-weather family vacation, it’s also prime time to experiment with new hobbies and activities. As Colorado’s top […]

Active & Ageless: Take a Senior Trip to Glenwood Springs

Retirement is no time to slow down, at least when it comes to travel. Channel that forever young feeling with a vacation to Glenwood Springs. There are no limitations to the joys and benefits of travel, and that includes age. In fact, with more free time and flexible schedules, recreating and relaxing in Glenwood Springs […]

couple enjoying beer

Glenwood Springs: Brewing a Reputation for Great Beer

Glenwood Springs is fast becoming a hoppy hub for beer aficionados. With three micro-breweries, a bar featuring a rotation of craft brew taps and several suds-focused activities, the Colorado hot springs town is drawing a crowd for a different kind of liquid refreshment. Best known for its prized geothermal waters, Glenwood Springs also happens to […]

Glenwood Caverns celebrates 125th anniversary of first cave tour on Earth Day by streaming Rocky Mountain PBS “Colorado Experience” Viewers’ Choice Episode about the Fairy Caves

“Colorado Experience: Fairy Caves” explores the magical Fairy Caves – once dubbed “The 8th Wonder of the World.” Hidden inside Glenwood Springs’ Iron Mountain, this living cave network inspires awe. But the caverns were nearly lost to time and were closed for more than 80 years – until an engineer who also happened to be […]

6 Reasons Breakfast & Brunch are Best in Glenwood Springs

Start your Colorado vacation in Glenwood Springs with food and drinks that will wake you, provide ample fuel for activities and brighten your outlook first thing in the morning! People tend to hold strong feelings about the first meal of the day. Some folks like it to be big and hearty, others are sippers and […]