Glenwood Springs Gals with Gumption!

Guts. Spunk. Moxie! Worthy of recognition, especially during Women’s History Month in March, the ladies featured here were all gifted with gumption.  Each in their own manner, they shaped Glenwood Springs into the destination it is today. Sarah Cooper: Influencer of Her Time Wife of Glenwood Springs founding father, Isaac Cooper, Sarah was a genteel […]

Explore Rockin’ Geology in Glenwood Springs & Vicinity

Much more than pretty scenery, the landscape tells the background story of Glenwood Springs and the surrounding area. Hot springs are the most well-known result of geologic activity, but even more fascinating details are etched in the earth for those willing to take a closer look. Glenwood Springs as we know it is less than […]

Glenwood Springs: A History of Taking Fun to the Extreme!

The hot springs town in the Colorado mountains is home to some thrilling attractions and exciting events, but our Glenwood Springs predecessors thought of things that could and would never happen today. There’s a tendency to think the past was a tamer age than the present day; that because of materials, technology or engineering, we […]

Balneology: The Art and Science of Hot Springs for Health

Go full immersion with balneology in Glenwood Springs. The Colorado town’s three hot springs attractions offer an unparalleled opportunity to absorb the art and science of geothermal soaking. Balneology is a fancy word that describes the study of natural mineral waters for drinking, soaking and steaming, along with accompanying health, wellness and therapeutic benefits. What […]

O Christmas Tree in Glenwood Springs

With a little creative imagining, you can sing the title of this blog post to the tune of “O Tannenbaum.” More than mere holiday décor, Christmas trees are rooted in Glenwood Springs’ history. An Ode to a Conifer The carol, more familiarly known as “O Christmas Tree,” was originally written as a metaphor in which […]

Port Glenwood Springs: Welcoming the Navy Since 1943

Glenwood Springs and the U.S. Navy have built an alliance that began in the mid-1900s, and over the past year, that relationship has only gotten stronger. Landlocked in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Springs seems an unlikely harbor for the U.S. Navy. Yet, the hot springs town has been welcoming sailors for over 80 years. […]

Raising the Dead in Glenwood Springs

The Glenwood Springs Historical Society is getting ready to summon the ghosts of Glenwood’s past. The 22nd annual Ghost Walk takes place two weekends in October and brings back a roster of feisty Old West characters. Always a sellout event, the Ghost Walk in Glenwood Springs is a long-standing October tradition, one that has been […]

Glenwood Springs Culture & History

Couples with History: Glenwood Springs Love Stories

Romance is always in the air in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where the hot springs aren’t the only attraction. This month, we’re opening the history books to revisit the love stories of some of the town’s most famous couples. Chief Ouray & Chipeta According to lore, young Ouray was born on a gloriously clear winter night […]

Glenwood Caverns celebrates 125th anniversary of first cave tour on Earth Day by streaming Rocky Mountain PBS “Colorado Experience” Viewers’ Choice Episode about the Fairy Caves

“Colorado Experience: Fairy Caves” explores the magical Fairy Caves – once dubbed “The 8th Wonder of the World.” Hidden inside Glenwood Springs’ Iron Mountain, this living cave network inspires awe. But the caverns were nearly lost to time and were closed for more than 80 years – until an engineer who also happened to be […]

Teddy Roosevelt hunting party near Glenwood Springs

Lesson Plans: Remote Learning in Glenwood Springs

Take the kids on a field trip to Glenwood Springs where they can learn about important school subjects all while having an action-packed mini-break in the Colorado mountains. Zoom classrooms and remote learning are an educational reality these days. Hours spent in front of a screen may not be ideal, but one advantage of remote […]