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Glenwood Hot Springs Resort has more than 7 expansive pools on the property, including the original historic pool which is the “world’s largest hot springs pool.” The historic thermal spring water has been drawing visitors from all over the world since 1888.

The source of the Glenwood Hot Springs’ mineral water is the Yampah Spring which produces over 3.5 million gallons of water per day at a temperature of 122°F. Before the water enters the mineral pools, it is cooled down to 104°F (40°C) for the resort’s hot tub-like Therapy Pool and it’s cooled down even further to the bathwater-warm temperature of between 90° – 93°F (~33°C)  for the Grand Pool.

Taking the waters

Soaking in or “taking the waters” is a time-honored healing tradition and one that is still recommended as a remedy for a variety of ailments. In fact, members of the nomadic Ute tribe were the earliest known people to soak in the healing hot springs which retains the original Ute language name “Yampah,” which translates to “Big Medicine.”

In addition to world class relaxation, this hot springs attraction also offers lodging, a full-service athletic club, and much more.


Swimming, soaking, playing and splashing in the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is an iconic Glenwood Springs experience any time of year. The Grand Pool, as it’s referred to, contains over 1 million gallons of water and is an aquatic playing field for kids of all ages.

There is plenty of room to spread out and play catch or relax on an inflatable. There is even a lap lane and diving area. The Therapy Pool is Glenwood Hot Springs’ version of a hot tub. At 100 feet X 40 feet, it’s significantly smaller than the big pool, but still massive in scale compared to any hot tub. Its size and hotter temperature make it the perfect place for splash-free soaking. The Therapy Pool is also outfitted with bubble chairs, power showers and submerged benches that offer visitors still more ways to relax.

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For those looking for a break from the summer heat, pull up a lounge chair under one of the property’s giant poplar trees or relax beneath the newly built shade pergolas. A restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating serves breakfast and lunch, as well as an assortment of snacks and beverages including beer and wine. Ice cream cones and shaved ice with flavor bursts are a favorite treat for the younger set.  Additionally, you can find plenty of other fun things to do in Glenwood Springs in addition to the natural mineral hot springs Colorado has!


During the summer months and through fall as weather permits, the aquatic playground features a fast-moving river ride, waterfalls, interactive play areas, a splash and show fountain as well as ample shade and soft surfaces. The Sopris Splash Zone consists of three main areas, all named for area attractions or local history.

Aquatic Park: Sopris Splash Zone

Shoshone Chutes

Designed to mimic a Colorado whitewater rafting experience, Shoshone Chutes’ “walls” resemble rock formations in Glenwood Canyon. Like an actual river, the ride is interspersed with smoother sections followed by frothy, fast-moving “whitewater.” Riders, who must be above a certain height, descend on either single or double tubes. After a series of rapids, the ride gently deposits tubers into a large wading pool at the bottom where a lifeguard ensures a safe exit.

Hanging Lake Falls Pool

Another highlight of the Sopris Splash Zone is Hanging Lake Falls Pool, a zero-depth-entry pool that lets children get comfortable in the water at their own pace, while those acclimated can venture under and behind the gently cascading waterfalls. Three slides lead to the pool and interactive play features keep this an area of perpetual motion for kids of all ages.

The Grand Fountain

During the day the Grand Fountain sprays water seven feet in the air, providing an engaging and interactive area for cooling off. After hours, it is illuminated and soars to 17 feet, for a dazzling display easily visible to guests at the resort as well as to passersby on the Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.



Yampah Mineral Baths is a collection of five beautiful and serene pools, a shade pergola, and an outdoor lounging area with a gas-flame hearth. This entirely new area is east of the historic Therapy Pool, was designed with adults in mind. Yampah Mineral Baths section is available to all ages until late in the day when it transitions to adults only (over the age of 18).

The five pools of varying temperatures are part of an innovative design that includes picturesque waterfalls, infinity edges, and a natural stone grotto. The natural geothermal water for Yampah Mineral Baths flows in from Yampah Source Spring, and the pools range in temperature from 52° to °60F in the Inhale cold plunge pool to 100° to 104°F in the warmer Cascade Waters.

NEW: Yampah Mineral Baths


• Cascade Waters – Soothe the senses and still your mind with the natural sounds of a waterfall. Natural hot springs water is known to moderate blood flow, ease stress and anxiety, and induce a state of relaxation. 100° to 104°F

• Sacred Waters – Discover a sense of calm and tranquility with uninterrupted views of the mountains by day and the stars by night. This infinity-edge pool has an expansive view that encourages feelings of harmony and well-being. 97° to 102°F

• Falling Waters – Stand beneath the waterfalls in the grotto for a natural massage on shoulders, neck and back or simply enjoy the sound for an overall sense of peace. 95° to 100°F

• Inhale – Dare to experience the dramatic effects of cold-water therapy proven to help with inflammation, stress, mind clarity, muscle recovery, circulation and nervous system regulation. 52° to °60F

• Exhale – Try this less extreme cold-contrast bath to help speed recovery after an injury, ease joint and muscle pain, and increase focus and energy levels. Exhale provides a nice transition when going to the warm baths after taking a dip in Inhale. 75° to °80F

The Ute people were among the earliest discoverers of this therapeutic hot spring in Glenwood Springs and named it Yampah, meaning “big medicine.” Yampah Source Spring and the resort’s drinking spring are both located within the Yampah Mineral Baths area and have been enhanced with landscaping and signage.

There is no additional fee to use Yampah Mineral Baths.


Parking Information

There are a number of parking options for guests, and all of them are FREE. Download this printable parking map,  or visit the website for more information.



Everyday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is closed occasionally for maintenance. Please check HERE for maintenance closures dates.

Sopris Splash Zone Hours

The Sopris Splash Zone is open daily spring to fall as weather permits. Hours are 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. There is no additional fee to enjoy the Sopris Splash Zone.


Glenwood Hot Springs Fast Facts
  • Admission fees are variable depending on age, time of day and season.
  • Outside food and beverages (other than water) may not be brought into the pool area.
  • Swimsuit and towel rentals are available.
  • There are men’s and women’s locker rooms as well as family changing rooms. Free lockers are provided to guests.
  • Umbrellas and shade tents are not permitted, however, ample shade is available throughout the property.
  • Cabanas are available for rent, however reservations are recommended.
Glenwood Hot Springs Accessibility

The Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is wheelchair accessible. A hydraulic lift is available to help patrons with disabilities enter and exit the main pool. There is a ramp entry for the Therapy Pool.


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Reservations to hike Hanging Lake are released on a weekly basis every Tuesday at 8:00 am MDT. 

 Visit the Hanging Lake page HERE for more information and the booking portal.