○ Hanging Lake is scheduled to reopen with social distancing guidelines on June 1, 2020.
Reservations to access Hanging Lake starting June 1 are now available!
○ Glenwood Canyon Bike Path is now open!
○ Currently the majority of attractions, including the hot springs are closed, we will announce reopening dates soon.
○ The city of Glenwood Springs has mandated the wearing of face masks/coverings within businesses through June 4th.

The official travel guide to the Land of Water.

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Something magical happens when you just add water to your Rocky Mountain vacation; from the natural healing powers of our hot springs attractions to the recreational paradise supplied by the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers and the unparalleled beauty of our National Natural Landmark – Hanging Lake. Dads act younger. Moms laugh more. Brothers are nicer to sisters and couples rediscover each other. Along the way, everyone remembers the feeling of joy.

That’s the power of our water in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

For thousands of years, people have recognized the restorative powers of water. Sure it can quench your thirst, but when the earth heats it up, like it does in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the power of water is unleashed. Our water can do amazing things, like soak away your aches and pains; relax away your stress; soothe your very soul.

Millions of years of water carved Glenwood Caverns into Iron Mountain, where today, you can tour subterranean passages with amazing cave formations. Above the caverns, there are roller coasters, canyon swings and incredible views of the Roaring Fork Valley. Hundreds of years ago, the Ute Indians used the Yampah Vapor Caves to heal their bodies and minds. Now, you can soak in the healing powers of these natural steam filled caves formed by the mineral hot springs that flow through them.

In addition to the amazing amenities water creates in our community, Glenwood Springs is also home to all the mountain resort experiences you expect when vacationing in the Rockies. Other things to do in Glenwood Springs include hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting, fishing, skiing, paragliding and zip lining (to name a few).

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