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Tesla charging station in Glenwood Springs

Plug In: 12 Places to Charge Your Electric Vehicle in Glenwood Springs

As the demand for climate-friendly electric vehicles increases, so does the need for places to charge them. Here’s where to charge up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado’s favorite environmentally-friendly hot springs town.

Glenwood Springs has always been a place for people to recharge their batteries. The geothermal waters are known for their rejuvenating qualities, whether you partake at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Iron Mountain Hot Springs or Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves. Now, in addition to a hot springs energy boost, visitors can also easily recharge their electric vehicles (EVs) at charging stations throughout town.

At the forefront of eco-progress, Glenwood Hot Springs began harnessing the geothermal energy for snowmelt, indoor heating and to warm domestic water supplies as early as the 1970s. In 2019, the city of Glenwood Springs switched from fossil fuels to using only sustainably sourced wind and solar power. Now, with an increasing number of charging stations popping up, Glenwood Springs is a quickly becoming a vacation hub for electric vehicle drivers as well.

Benefits of Choosing an Electric Vehicle

More people are opting to purchase EVs over gas-powered cars. The top reasons for the switch include saving money, encountering minimal maintenance and making a healthier choice for the environment.

Lower costs of owning and operating an electric car are a primary motivator for upgrading. According to Engergy.gov, if you chart the price of gasoline and the eGallon price over time, you’ll notice gasoline prices spike up and down erratically because they’re linked to international oil markets. On the other hand, the cost of electricity is regional and much more stable, so you generally don’t have to worry about the wild gyrations seen in gas prices.

Less time and money spent at the automotive shop on maintenance is another attractive quality drawing consumers to EVs. When it comes to fully battery-powered electric vehicles, fewer moving parts mean fewer breakdowns, repairs and parts replacements. There is no oil and thus no oil changes, and because of regenerative braking systems, the brakes on an EV don’t need to be replaced as often as those on a conventional vehicle.

Electric vehicles are also a win for the environment. They have no or low emissions that contribute to urban smog. The reduction in pollution means cleaner air to breathe, improving overall public health especially for those suffering from respiratory health issues. EVs are also quiet, diminishing noise pollution.

On the Grid in Glenwood Springs

Charging stations abound in Glenwood Springs. ChargePoint is one of the most widely recognized charging station chains in the United States. Over the last decade, the company has built a comprehensive network across the country, including in Glenwood Springs. EV drivers also will find other independently owned stations all across the hot springs town including Tesla Supercharger, SemaConnect and Electrify America. For ultimate ease, download a charging station location app to your smartphone to find nearby places to plug in. Glenwood Springs, options include:

  1. ChargePoint: 401 N. River St.—At the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool
  2. Tesla Supercharger: 125 Wulfsohn Road—Next to Residence Inn by Marriott
  3. SemaConnect: 3799 SH-82 E.—At Holy Cross Energy
  4. ChargePoint: 202 Centennial Drive—Next to Alpine Technologies
  5. Electrify America: 110 W. Meadows Drive—In the Target parking lot
  6. ChargePoint: 101 8th Street—Behind Glenwood Springs City Hall
  7. ChargePoint: 900 Cooper Avenue—In the bottom level of 9th & Cooper parking structure
  8. ChargePoint: 125 Storm King Road—Between the Ford and Subaru dealerships
  9. ChargePoint: 3890 SH-82 E—Near Go Rentals south of Glenwood Springs
  10. ChargePoint: 6690 SH-82 W—ECOS Station near CMC turnoff from Hwy. 82
  11. ChargePoint: 100 Riverine Road—At the Audi Glenwood Springs dealership
  12. EVlink: 318 8th Street—In the Colorado Mountain College covered parking garage (free charging between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. only)


With so many EV charging choices, you’ll have plenty of time to recharge your personal batteries in the resort town’s famed hot springs. Learn more about how Glenwood Springs is an environmentally-friendly vacation destination and make plans to visit today!

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