Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs: Best Seat in the House for Fall Foliage

Sit back and soak in the splendor of autumn in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The resort town’s hot springs pools offer a front-row seat to the colorful changing of the seasons.

See gorgeous Colorado fall colors while relaxing in the geothermal waters in Glenwood Springs. All around the hot springs, the hillsides and mountains are ablaze with a dazzling array of autumn-toned hues. The warm-water pools of Glenwood Hot Springs or Iron Mountain Hot Springs are the perfect place to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the season.

Fall Colors with No Driving Required

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool with mountain viewExcept for the annoyance of slow-moving, sightseeing traffic, leaf-peeping drives in the Colorado mountains can be a stunning fall tradition. For a more relaxed experience, ditch the bumper-to-bumper and opt instead to enjoy the grandeur of nature from a perch in one of the outdoor thermal pools in Glenwood Springs. You’ll find ample, free parking at both Glenwood Hot Springs and Iron Mountain Hot Springs. With the car parked and knockout views all around, it’s finally time to fully relax into fall. The geothermal waters of Glenwood’s hot springs are teeming with health-boosting minerals that help replenish and rejuvenate the body and mind. While the mineral content at both hot springs attractions is nearly identical, each attractions provides a unique experience for guests.

Mountains Majesty

mountain view from hot springsBoth Glenwood Hot Springs Pool and Iron Mountain Hot Springs are hemmed in by mountains. Lookout Mountain, along with Glenwood Canyon, is to the east; the Flat Tops lie to the north; Red Mountain and the Colorado River Valley are to the west; and Mt. Sopris and the Elk Range command the southward panorama. The fall palette includes scrub oak that turns fiery shades of orange, aspen that shimmer and shake in every shade of gold, and evergreens and white snowcapped peaks in the mix. Overhead, the skies are so clear and blue that they look almost CGI-generated.

Big, Fun & Famous

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool in Fall Hailed as the world’s largest hot springs pool, Glenwood Hot Springs is an historic property that features two enormous geothermal pools. With an autumn chill in the air, the resort’s therapy pool that hovers between 102˚ and 104˚F feels fantastic. The gigantic family pool is pleasantly warm at 93˚F and is big enough for lap lanes and a diving board while still having plenty of room for a game of Nerf ball catch. In addition to spectacular views of the mountains, the grounds are beautifully landscaped with mature trees and plenty of places with full or dappled, a kid-friendly, zero-entry wading pool and a splash pad. There’s also indoor and outdoor dining, a gift shop and an athletic club.

Terraced Pools with Riverside Views

Iron Mountain Hot Springs SunsetIron Mountain Hot Springs boasts numerous more intimate pools. Temperatures vary from 98˚ to 108˚F, making it easy to find the pool that’s just right for you. The terrace design and layout ensure that no matter which pool you choose, you have a view of the Colorado River that runs past the resort. Additionally, a freshwater family pool, elevated jetted spa and outdoor showers offer more options for hydrotherapy relaxation. Visitors also can enjoy on-site dining and shopping at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Upriver Coming Soon

construction at IMHSUpriver at Iron Mountain Hot Springs will be opening soon. The expansion project includes 10 new adults-only soaking pools “up river” from the original pool property and will debut later this fall. All 10 will be reflexology pools featuring pebble bottoms. As visitors walk on the small stones, the pebbles massage and trigger reflexology points on the soles of the feet adding a holistic healing element to the soaking experience. Additional highlights include a bracing cold-plunge and a large freshwater pool with a magnificent waterfall feature as the centerpiece. No doubt these new soaking pools will be among the most coveted seats in Glenwood Springs to appreciate Colorado’s autumn majesty.

For the best seat in the house this fall, make plans to visit Glenwood Springs today!

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