There’s No “Mud Season” in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs has all kinds of seasons—but we don’t have mud season! Spring is an action-packed season of adventure in Colorado’s favorite hot springs town.

Spring has arrived in Glenwood Springs! For shoulder-season vacationers, that means all the fun and none of the mud to bog down your getaway.

For many of Colorado’s mountain towns, spring is “mud season,” a time of year when the temperatures rapidly warm up and the snow begins to melt. Most ski areas will be closed by mid-April. In some places, especially the big resort towns like Aspen and Steamboat Springs, even shops and restaurants are shuttered for two to four weeks giving business owners a break waiting for the ground to firm up, trails to open and the first crocuses and willow trees to bud.

Not so in Glenwood Springs!

daffodils at Hotel ColoradoSpring sprouts earlier in Glenwood Springs. Even though the hot springs haven is a mountain town surrounded by rugged topography, its elevation is 5,761 feet above sea level, just a little higher than Denver, which measures 5,280—a mile high. Because of its unique geography, Glenwood Springs trails dry out faster, the grass greens up quicker and our restaurants and attractions are open year-round because there’s no mud season!

Fresh Season of Activities

With a head start on the season, you can get a jump on all your favorite warm-weather activities in Glenwood Springs.

Trails. Get moving on Glenwood’s extensive trails. Paved trails are always a sure bet for smooth, snow- and mud-free riding in springtime. The Rio Grande Trail follows the Roaring Fork River from Glenwood Springs to Aspen.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. America’s only mountain-top theme park is open every day in spring. In addition to the Alpine Coaster, cave tours and indoor attractions open all year, the park opens more rides as the temperatures increase. Check Glenwood Caverns ride status page for the most up-to-date information.

Fishing. Take it from us, now is the time to hit the rivers in Glenwood Springs. The fish are biting and there’s less pressure on aquatic species this time of year. For an unbelievable catch of the day, go fly-fishing from shore or on a float trip with a guide.

Shopping. Business owners don’t close up shop in Glenwood Springs. In fact, new seasonal inventory from spring clothing to outdoor gear is hitting the shelves now. Find what you’ve been looking for and even a few surprises at shops and boutiques around town.

Rock ClimberClimbing & Bouldering. Go vertical with friends or hire a climbing guide to show you the ropes. Glenwood Springs has many nearby routes that range from easy to expert. Top places to go include The Puoux and Rifle Mountain Park.

Paragliding. Take a flying leap off Red Mountain with Adventure Paragliding. Lift off with an experienced guide on an exhilarating tandem flight over Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork River.

Covered in Mud—The Good Kind

While it’s no mud season in Glenwood Springs, you can still get a mud wrap at Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves. The 60-minute full-body treatment also includes admission to the caves. The treatment not only feels great, it’s a boon for skin—exfoliating, rehydrating and polishing.

Sunny Skies & Hot Springs

Year-round, the geothermal springs are a major draw for visitors, whether passing through, staying for a weekend getaway or a longer family vacation. No visit to Glenwood Springs is complete without some time spent soaking or steaming. Spring is the perfect time to visit Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves. Occasional breezes feel refreshing, yet it’s warm enough to catch a few rays poolside. Guests to the Vapor Caves also can enjoy the outdoors at comfy alfresco seating areas.

Dining In & Out

Just like Glenwood Springs’ stores, the town’s restaurants are open and serving it all: breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks, coffee, cocktails, beer and wine. Because Glenwood Springs’ weather is ahead of the spring warming trend, restaurants tend to open up their outdoor patios, rooftops and courtyards for fresh-air dining as well.

Don’t get bogged down on your Colorado vacation, head to Glenwood Springs for a no-mud season spring getaway. Learn more and make plans to visit today!