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Give the Gift of Relaxation in Glenwood Springs

Give someone you love that warm, fuzzy feeling this year. Treat them to a gift that’s perfect at holiday time or anytime in Glenwood Springs—Colorado’s favorite geothermal resort town.

Take a holiday from the holidays

Busy, hectic, stressful. That’s life—every single day! Pile on even more to do during the month of December with less time to get it all done and the added degree of difficulty of trying to make it all seem effortlessly easy. The superhuman among us may be able to pull it off without breaking a sweat and good for them. For the rest of us though, a little breather would be greatly appreciated. To slow down the insane pace of life, give your special someone (or yourself) the gift of relaxation in Glenwood Springs—home to hot springs, vapor caves and spas.

Immersion therapy

There’s a good reason “ahh” is one of the first words guests utter after submerging themselves in the famed geothermal hot springs at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort or Iron Mountain Hot Springs—the effect of the mineral-rich water is powerful and immediate. Pool temperatures range from 92°F to 108°F, depending on where you go. Wherever you choose, plan to spend a few hours to let the water work its magic of untangling the knots of accumulated stress. Both geothermal pool amenities offer gift cards that can be used anytime throughout the year.

Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves

Steam heat

Another tried and true method of relaxing in Glenwood Springs is going underground at the Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves. These historic caves have been in use for as long as anyone can remember. Three underground chambers are filled with steam that comes from a natural geothermal source. The steam has a detoxifying effect. Cave rooms are dimly lit and lined with marble benches for reclining and relaxing. A cool water spigot offers a refreshing counterpoint to the heat. Upstairs, the Serenity Room is arranged with lounge chairs, a fountain, soothing music and refreshing, infused water, making it the perfect place for a midday doze after steaming. The Yampah Spa also offers gift cards.

Spa Services in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Spot relief

Glenwood Springs is a true spa town with deep health and wellness roots dating back well over 100 years. Glenwood Springs spas offer a wide variety of treatments and services. Spend some time perusing spa menus and searching out a treatment that targets your specific needs. Most massages and body treatments are intended to be deeply relaxing. They also have the benefit of addressing other body-specific issues. For example: if you’ve been struggling with a cold or fatigue, try a lymphatic drainage massage; if chronic pain is impacting your life, give a CBD (cannabidiol) massage a go; for a full-body fix, a Swedish-style massage is ideal. All Glenwood Springs spas offer gift cards.


Relaxation is always a welcome, thoughtful gift during the holiday season, for a special occasion or anytime. Learn more about where and how to relax in Colorado’s top geothermal hot springs destination—Glenwood Springs at visitglenwood.com.



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