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Dogs Welcome: 7 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Vacation in Glenwood Springs

Find out where to stay and what to do with four-legged friends in Colorado’s favorite hot springs and adventure mountain town.

Traveling with a dog should be a joyful experience, not a stressful ordeal. With pet-welcoming accommodations, a dog park, plenty of trails and even doggie daycare services, Glenwood Springs makes it easy and convenient to vacation with your pet. We’ve gathered our top pet-friendly travel tips to help both you and Fido have a barking good time in Glenwood Springs.

1. Travel planning.

First things first: Be sure to bring along up-to-date records of your pet’s vaccinations and medical history. Also, consider getting your pet microchipped so you can be reunited with him quickly if he gets lost. At the very least your dog should wear collar identification tags engraved with your pet’s name and your current contact info.

2. In transit.

Be prepared to make a few pitstops when traveling with your furry friend. Interstate-70 to Glenwood Springs, including scenic Glenwood Canyon, has many places to pull over for a stretch and potty break. Just remember to be a good citizen and clean up after your dog.

3. Pet-friendly accommodations.

With pet-friendly accommodations, ranging from nearby campgrounds to historic hotels and B&Bs, finding a place to stay in Glenwood Springs is just a reservation away. Most hotels that welcome pets charge a small fee starting at $10 and up per night. Others, like the Hotel Denver, only require you to sign a form promising to be a responsible pet owner during your visit.

4. Creature comforts.

Like their human counterparts, dogs can become agitated in unfamiliar surroundings or when their routine is disrupted. Make them feel at ease on the road and at your destination in Glenwood Springs by bringing along familiar items from home like their doggie bed, a favorite chew toy and, of course, a supply of treats. Walking and feeding them at their normal times also helps ease pet travel anxiety.

5. Trails and parks.
Dogs Hiking in Glenwood Springs
Photo Credit: @@sasha.layla.gsd Instagram
Dog on Raft on Colorado River
Photo Credit: @Elliegleason Instagram

If fetch is a favorite pastime, head over to the Glenwood Springs Dog Park located along the Rio Grande Trail. A doggie haven, the park provides room to run as well as playground equipment to satisfy the most curious of canines. While nearly all Glenwood’s trails welcome pets on leashes, one that does not is Hanging Lake. If hiking to Hanging Lake is part of your Glenwood Springs itinerary, after you reserve your permit time, arrange to drop off your dog with a doggie daycare while you hike.

6. Shopping & dining.

You’ll find that many retail businesses in Glenwood Springs welcome well-behaved canines. Shop owners and restauranteurs appreciate being asked in advance if it’s ok to bring pooches inside. Some stores even leave out bowls of water for pets to quench their thirst on hot summer days. Some of Glenwood’s outdoor dining spots are particularly friendly to dogs.

7. Doggie daycare.

With so many things to do, Glenwood Springs is a hub for year-round outdoor recreation. Dog owners may want to leave their pets for a few hours to go rafting, biking, soak in the hot springs, indulge in a spa treatment or take a turn on the mountaintop thrill rides. Several local dog daycares provide hourly, half-day or full-day dog-sitting most days of the week.

In Glenwood Springs, we understand that pets are part of the family and that leaving them behind isn’t an option. Plan your pet-friendly Glenwood Springs vacation at visitglenwood.com.

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Thanks to @Kiva_Cattledog who shared the adorable blog header photograph with us via Instagram.

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