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Romancing the Rails to Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Getting here is half the fun! Take the Amtrak train to Glenwood Springs for a romantic getaway any time of year.

Real romance isn’t bound to a date on the calendar—and goes beyond chocolate and roses. The best swoon-worthy love stories are as much about the journey as the destination. With daily stops in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Amtrak makes it possible to up the romantic ante every day of the year.

With its steamy hot springs, invigorating outdoor activities, captivating history and enticing eateries, Glenwood Springs is a natural and obvious choice for a Colorado couple’s getaway. Score even bigger love points by leaving the car parked at home and booking a couple of tickets aboard Amtrak’s California Zephyr from Denver’s Union Station to Glenwood Springs.

En route to romance.

The Zephyr, as its name implies, doesn’t chug and puff its way up mountain passes and through tunnels—it flies—like the wind it’s named after. From Denver, couples can relax, cozy up together in the Vista Dome car with its floor-to-ceiling windows and even sip a cocktail as 300 miles of magnificent Colorado scenery roll by. Unlike driving, you can imbibe, catch some shuteye or focus on all the sights including each other.

Trip highlights from Denver include the 6.2-mile long Moffat Tunnel, Winter Park Ski Area, Fraser Canyon, Granby near Rocky Mountain National Park, Gore Canyon and the 12.5 miles though spectacular Glenwood Canyon. All this—before you even arrive in Glenwood Springs!

Destination: Glenwood Springs.

When you debark at the Glenwood Springs Train Depot—a historic turreted structure that, along with the Hotel Colorado and the bathhouse at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, is one of the most iconic (and yes, romantic) spots in Glenwood Springs. Linger for a moment and imagine all the lovers who reunited on this platform after WWII.

Amorous activities.

Now that you’ve arrived in Glenwood Springs, keep the romance going. Indulge your passion for relaxation with a visit to Glenwood’s geothermal and spa amenities. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves each offer very different experiences and Glenwood’s wellness-focused spas specialize in interesting takes on touch therapy. While you’re here be sure to also take the opportunity to get outdoors—on the slopes, the trails and the rivers. No matter what time of year you visit, there are endless ways to get your blood pumping in Glenwood Springs.

From piano bars to breweries and burgers to beignets, Glenwood’s restaurants will satisfy your appetite for the delicious and unusual. As for accommodations, many of Glenwood Springs’ lodges are within short walking distance of the train depot, others will pick you up and give you a lift to your hotel.


Getting home: Train or Bus?

When your romantic Glenwood Springs retreat comes to an end, take the train home or for a more direct alternative, ride the Bustang, a daily express bus service that drops riders at Denver’s Union Station as well as at other stops along I-70.


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