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Glenwood Springs, the historic, hot springs town is flying high with its newest public art the Wings of Glenwood Springs!

The latest craze in the historic Colorado mountain town is public wing art. There are currently nine sets of eye-catching wings tucked away in discrete areas of the downtown core. You will find them in alleyways, on historic buildings, and even in pocket parks.

The wings idea came from a local business owner who wanted to find a way to move people throughout the downtown shopping district creatively during the recent pandemic. Chrissy Lee-Manes of Homsted, a natural lifestyle retail store, said she came up with the wings concept to help revitalize and beautify some of the less visited places in the downtown core. “The wings not only give people a fun reason to explore,” she said, “they also offer our visitors a way to take home a piece of their Glenwood Springs experience.” Chrissy’s idea took flight when the Glenwood Springs Downtown Development Authority (DDA) funded the project.

“These colorful wings are just one way to promote the whimsy of our community,” said Lisa Langer, director of tourism for Visit Glenwood Springs, the tourism department of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association (GSCRA). “I see people taking photos daily at the various sites, as if they’re taking flight. It’s a great way to effortlessly help people add joy to their day. Don’t forget to post and tag your photos with @VisitGlenwood and #VisitGlenwood!”


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Visit Glenwood Springs

Hanging Lake winter hiking reservations are now available. Visit the Hanging Lake page HERE for more information and the booking portal. 

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