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Pet-Friendly Manners: Navigating Glenwood Springs with Your Furry Friend

Glenwood Springs is a pet-friendly place, but manners really do matter. Create a paws-itive experience for all by following our best tips for pet etiquette in Colorado’s favorite hot springs town.

Manners matter—especially when it comes to our dogs! Simple steps go a long way in establishing a harmonious relationship between pet owners, non-pet owners and the environment, whether in town or on the trails. Here’s how to have a tail-wagging good time while on vacation with your pooch in Glenwood Springs.

Book Pet-Friendly Accommodations. Pet-friendly lodging runs the gamut from historic properties and nationally recognized hotels to locally owned motels, cabins and campgrounds. Many accommodations offer a convenient, grassy spot for pet relief and some also provide treats and water at check-in, as well as doggy beds and toys in-room.

Leash Up. Even if your dog is well-trained and friendly, it’s important to keep him tethered especially when strolling downtown, in city parks or along Glenwood’s paved trails. When your dog is leashed, you’ll keep your fur baby safe and prevent any unwanted interactions with other pets, people, bikes and vehicles.

Don’t Leave Him Unattended. You wouldn’t leave your kiddo in the car while you run into the grocery store to shop; don’t leave your dog either. Cars can quickly become high-temperature ovens causing heat-related injuries or even death. In Glenwood Springs, if someone sees a pet left alone in a vehicle, they can involve police or even break a window to rescue an animal in distress.

Go on a Play Date. If your pet has been cooped up, take Fido to the dog park to stretch his legs. Located along the Rio Grande Trail just behind Glenwood Springs High School is a fenced-in area where dogs can safely run around, play fetch and romp with other canines.

Pick Up Poop! A basic rule of pet ownership is always clean up after your pet. Leaving pet waste behind is not only unsightly, but it can spread disease and harm the environment. Whether it’s in town or on the trails, carry poop bags or use the ones available at some trailheads and remember to dispose of pet waste in a trash receptacle.

Follow Trail Rules. It’s best to know before you go. Different trails have different rules so be sure to check the regulations ahead of time. Paved trails like Rio Grande Trail or Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path require dogs to be leashed, as do in-town trails like those at Red Mountain. Hanging Lake, on the other hand, is off-limits to dogs altogether.

Be Mindful of Wildlife. The hot springs town is home to a thriving population of wild animals. Don’t be surprised to see everything from grouse roosting in the scrub oak to a herd of elk patrolling the golf courses. During spring and summer, wildlife are busy raising their young, and like any good mom, their protective instincts kick in if threatened. Safeguard your dog and animals in their natural habitats by controlling your pet and not letting him give chase.

Well-behaved Dogs Welcome. Glenwood Springs loves dogs. If you stroll downtown, you’ll notice many shops leave bowls of water outside for thirsty pooches, especially as the weather warms up. If your dog is leashed and well-behaved, store owners may even welcome him inside, just be sure to check first.

These simple steps will get your pet-friendly vacation in Glenwood Springs off to a barking good time. Learn more and make plans to visit today!

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