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Working Remotely: Becoming a Digital Nomad in Glenwood Springs

One upside to the pandemic that isn’t going away any time soon is working remotely. For many people getting the job done means they can work from anywhere — including in Glenwood Springs, Colorado’s favorite hot springs and adventure town.

The 2021 travel trend known as “Always OOO” (out-of-office) is a reference to the familiar automated email message that conveys a temporary absence from work. With more people using technology to stay connected to their work, going in for the typical eight-to-five is becoming an outdated paradigm. Getting the job done is what matters, where you get it done is irrelevant. An estimated 7.3 million Americans* describe themselves as digital nomads — individuals who use telecommunications technologies to work remotely — and that number is on the rise.

If the idea of becoming a digital nomad is appealing to you, Glenwood Springs is a great place to try it out. A major benefit of the Always OOO trend is greater work-life balance. Instead of being glued to your chair in a cubicle, at your dining room table or in a converted closet, you can work from just about any location — a coffee shop, a hotel balcony, a mountain-top — as long as you have an internet connection, you’re in business. Best of all, working as a digital nomad lets you trade your fake Zoom background for the real deal!

Find Your Digital Nomad Groove in Glenwood Springs!

Timing Matters. A mobile work arrangement allows you an immense amount of flexibility. Use it to save money by traveling during slower and off-season times. Avoid the town’s peak times for tourism such as spring break, holiday weekends and summer vacation. Check with Glenwood Springs hotels for the best lodging deals which often occur mid-week, Sunday through Thursday.

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Bundle Fun. While it’s true that you’re on the job, you’re also in Glenwood Springs where you can have an amazing time after hours in the Colorado mountains! One way to make sure you achieve both aims is to preplan your adventures with lodging and activity packages that seamlessly build in fun. Ski Swim Stay is a top-selling package that bundles lodging with skiing at Sunlight Mountain Resort and soaking in the geothermal waters at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. Other popular packages include admission to top attractions like Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Make Connections. Since your career success as a digital nomad depends on a fast, reliable internet connection, do your research by making sure that the accommodations you choose are up to your standards for speed. Some establishments like the Courtyard by Marriott pride themselves on leading-edge tech amenities in both guest rooms and public spaces.

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Sip and Nibble. Take advantage of locations where you can quickly refuel to keep your productivity levels high. Glenwood Springs is home to an abundance of restaurants including coffee shops. Rev up your workday with a cup of fresh brew in local java joints such as Sweet Coloradough, Deja Brew, Legends at the Hotel Colorado, the Bluebird Café, Sacred Grounds and Riverblend Coffee House. It’s easy to grab breakfast or lunch to go, so you can keep on working until it’s time to play.


Stick to a Schedule. Being disciplined is a hallmark of a successful digital nomad, especially when you’re in a setting as gorgeous as Glenwood Springs. Plan your day by making reservations for any activities on your agenda such as spa treatments, admission to attractions such as the Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, snowmobiling tours and evening entertainment like the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue comedy dinner show. After you know what your day entails, get to work, then enjoy a well-earned timeout for your planned activities.

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Hit Send! Finish the email, update the spreadsheet, save the document, close the file, log out, sign off. You’re done working for the day. Congratulations on becoming a digital nomad — working remotely while having a great time in Glenwood Springs!

If you’re feeling the urge to move your “office” to a place with a better view and more to do, make plans to get to work in Glenwood Springs today!



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