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Go Holiday Shopping in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is home to a diverse variety of retail outlets. After being cooped up for so many months, make holiday shopping fun again by wandering from store to store in one of Colorado’s most charming mountain towns.

Shopping for family and friends is part and parcel of holiday season joy. That happy spirit can be diminished or even extinguished if all you ever do is look at a screen and order from corporate conglomerates. While online stores have their place in the retail world, putting on your shoes and heading out to shop in Glenwood Springs is ultimately a more soul satisfying experience, especially during the holidays.

What You Won’t Find Online, But You Will Find Shopping in Glenwood Springs

  • The trendy boutique that carries both your favorite brand of jeans and perfume
  • The used bookstore that specializes in limited editions
  • The funky coffee shop that also serves the world’s best donuts
  • The hipster brewery that specializes in sour beers and brewer collaborations
  • The art guild that features original handiwork made by local artisans
  • The shoe store that also has a great collection of jewelry
  • The tucked-away shop with the best tasting tea, local honey and custom blend essential oils
  • The florist that also sells the most gorgeous gifts for gardeners
  • The authentic western wear store with cowboy hats galore
  • The sporting goods store with all the gear you need for a great time outdoors

Shopping small and local always feels good— #ShopGlenwood —

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When you shop in Glenwood Springs, chances are good that you’ll be speaking with the owner. After many months isolated at home, it just feels normal to get out and strike up a conversation with someone new. Knowing that you’re supporting small, local businesses and helping your local economy instead of faceless giant corporations feels pretty good too.

Shopping in Glenwood Springs is safe.

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Retailers in the hot springs town are vigilant about the safety of their patrons and employees. Masks are required to enter shops in Glenwood Springs, hand sanitizer is almost always available and customer capacity is limited to just a few people at a time. Thankfully, you won’t be surrounded by big crowds here, like you might at big city big box stores.

One-of-a-Kind Finds.

Perhaps the best part of shopping in Glenwood Springs is finding treasures and special somethings you wouldn’t encounter elsewhere. Local retailers know their customer base, it’s the bread and butter of their business. When they go to market to choose the items that will fill their shelves and hang from their display racks, it’s with a specific audience in mind—the devoted customers who come back again just to see what’s new!

Delicious, Local Food Choices— #DineGlenwood —

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When your stomach starts to growl or you just need a little mid-day pick-me-up, you won’t have to go far for dining options in Glenwood Springs. From coffee shops to ice cream parlors, food trucks to wine bars, you can find something to warm you up, restore your energy and replenish your holiday spirit pronto!

Wings for the Win.


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As you wander around town, you may notice giant butterfly wing art tucked away on walls, in alleys and on the sides of buildings. When you find a pair, snap a photo with the wings and submit it as part of the Find the Wings promotion. You might be one of five lucky winners to receive $100 in Glenwood Gold community currency to spend at local businesses! The promotion runs through Dec. 25. Click on the link for all the details for this holiday shopping opportunity that is taking off!

Glenwood Gold for the Undecided Shopper.

Don’t know what to get for your loved ones? Instead of a corporate gift card, treat your family, friends, colleagues or employees with Glenwood Gold. The recipient can choose where to shop on their Glenwood Springs getaway. Glenwood Gold can be redeemed at a long list of local hotels, retailers and dining establishments. Click Glenwood Gold to purchase.

To shop Glenwood Springs this holiday season, learn more and make plans to visit today!

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