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Glenwood Springs Welcomes Hunters

For Colorado hunters, Glenwood Springs is basecamp for gear, outfitting services, game processing and even some well-earned post-hunting relaxation.

Scouting, stalking and accuracy are essential to hunting success, but there’s a lot more that goes into an organized, productive hunting trip. Glenwood Springs has been welcoming hunters for decades and has all the resources to meet the needs of sportsmen and women coming to town, whether for their first or 15th big game excursion.

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Colorado Big Game Hunting

From the warm days of early fall through the chill and snow of December, orange-clad hunters make an annual pilgrimage to Glenwood Springs. Located amid Colorado’s 23 million square miles of public lands that include national forests, state trust lands and wildlife areas, the forests surrounding Glenwood Springs are known for their large, healthy, thriving populations of big game.

While the bulk of Glenwood Springs hunters have their sights set on harvesting elk and deer, other big game species that attract hunters to the area include Colorado bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black bear and moose.

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Glenwood Springs Guide Services Increase Odds of Success

Familiarity with your hunting area increases your chances of success. Colorado is divided into hunting areas called game management units (GMUs). Some nearby GMUs in the White River National Forest include Units 24, 25 and 33, all offering excellent opportunities for big game success, especially if hunters are willing to get away from some of the more heavily trafficked trails and venture into quieter areas where animals are more likely to be during peak rifle season.

One primary advantage of hiring an outfitter is that they know the backcountry like their own neighborhood and have been scouting herds since well before the start of hunting season. While Glenwood Springs outfitters can’t guarantee a successful hunt, many sportsmen rely on their expertise to increase the chances of filling the freezer and bringing home a trophy mount. For more detailed information about hunting in Colorado, including how to obtain licenses and maps, the Colorado Parks & Wildlife and the White River National Forest are essential resources.

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Groceries, Gear and Other Goodies

There’s a lot of gear that goes with hunting, from ammo to camo and food to first aid. As the primary commercial shopping center in the Roaring Fork Valley, Glenwood Springs is well-provisioned to help hunters stock up on supplies. Purchase a week’s worth of food at local groceries stores—Glenwood has two. Fill prescriptions and pick up other essentials at several pharmacies in town. For regulation orange clothing, cold-weather gear, specialty knives, coolers, tents and other camping equipment, count on local merchants to have what you need in store. Post-hunt planning is just as important. You’ll also find local businesses that can process and package your big game, as well as taxidermy services to showcase a spectacular specimen.

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In Town Heat and Retail Therapy

There’s no getting around the fact that the temperatures are dropping by the day. As hunting season progresses into the winter months, sportsmen will have to rely on a hot cup of coffee and a toasty fire to keep them warm at camp. But when the hunt is over, Glenwood’s hot springs attractions invite hunters to come in from the cold. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves offer hunters some well-deserved relaxation whether that’s in the geothermal waters or mineral-rich steam. Finally, before heading out, remember to pick up a little something for your special someone waiting for you back at home. Glenwood’s boutiques offer a huge variety of locally made and unique items. Your thoughtfulness could go a long way to ensuring you’ll be back again next year for hunting season in Glenwood Springs!

We’re ready for hunting season, are you?

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