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Modern Family: A Single Parents Guide to Glenwood Springs

Modern Family: The Single Parent’s Guide to Glenwood Springs

Single parents vacationing with children have extra challenges. Thankfully, Glenwood Springs is an easy Colorado destination for busy moms or dads traveling with youngsters.

Single parents have their hands full, especially while traveling. Make your Glenwood Springs getaway as uncomplicated and enjoyable as child’s play with these simple travel tips:

Get the kids involved in planning. Talk with your kids about your upcoming trip to Glenwood Springs. Discuss all the things to do, like playing in the hot springs, exploring caves and thrill rides at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, hiking to Doc Holliday’s grave, rafting through Glenwood Canyon, taking in a show at Glenwood Vaudeville Revue and much more.

Make an itinerary. Planning and balancing your daily activities sets expectations for the day. VisitGlenwood.com has several pre-planned itineraries that can serve as guidelines. When solo traveling with kids, it’s important not to cram too many activities into a single day. Focus on one or two highlights.

Think ahead. Depending on the time of year and the activities you have planned, be sure to pack appropriately for your Glenwood Springs vacation. Bring sunscreen and sun hats in summer and fall, extra socks and mittens in winter, plenty of hydration and sturdy shoes for hiking to Hanging Lake and don’t forget any medications you or your child might need while away from home.

Get the lay of the land. It always helps to get oriented when you arrive in a new place. Make one of your first stops the Glenwood Springs Visitor Center located downtown at 802 Grand Ave. Helpful staff can answer questions and recommend kid-friendly dining and activities.

Stay at hotels with extras. When booking your Glenwood Springs lodging, ask about extras that will make your life as a single parent on vacation easier. Is breakfast included? What about connecting rooms? Is there an in-room fridge and coffee maker? Is there a hotel pool or play area? Is it possible to walk to attractions?

Have an emergency plan. Having a plan in case you get separated from your children is a sanity-saver. Sure, mobile phones make connecting easier, but they can get lost, their batteries die or perhaps your children are too young to have a phone of their own. Ward off panic by pre-arranging a meeting place. For example, if you’re at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park on a busy day and a family member strays, have a plan to meet at the Popcorn Wagon or out in front of the Mine Wheel.

Pack snacks. Hunger brings out the beast in both kids and adults. Tame the tummy monster by slipping some of their favorites (and yours) in a day-bag. Making sure everyone has a full water bottle in tow is also a good idea.

Relax. Even if everything doesn’t go exactly according to plan, relax. With so much to do and see, your vacation to Glenwood Springs will be a memory-making trip for both you and your children.

Make plans to visit Glenwood Springs at visitglenwood.com.

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We are pleased to announce the US Forest Service rebuild of the Hanging Lake Trail that is set to begin this spring will allow for hiking on a limited basis through the construction period. Reservations will be available weekly, with available hiking dates and times released every Tuesday at 8:00 am MDT. This system aims to streamline access to the trail during construction, while ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

 Visit the Hanging Lake page HERE for more information and the booking portal.