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Holiday from the Holidays

Holiday from the Holidays

The countdown has begun. The holidays are inching closer with each passing day! Last year, for the first time, I took a pre-holiday time-out in Glenwood Springs. It saved my sanity and reinvigorated my spirits. Am I doing it again this year? You bet I am—my room is already reserved.

Like most people, I juggle the normal demands of work and family, but the holidays up the ante with additional pressure to attend events, travel and shop. I was frazzled and fried. Worst of all; I was dreading a season that should be filled with joy. That’s why I decided to give myself a gift—one that would recharge my batteries and set the tone for a happy holiday season.

I booked a stay in Glenwood Springs, where coaxing away stress is easy in the town’s hot springs. Take it from me; nothing beats soaking or steaming for relaxation, except maybe a full-body massage. Glenwood Springs has so many spas, I can’t wait to get back and try a new treatment this year.

Taking a multi-day break also allowed me to make a dent in my holiday shopping. With an amazing array of stores, I always find special, unexpected items for my family and friends. “I love it! It’s perfect! Where did you find this,” they ask. In Glenwood Springs, I tell them.

I treated myself to a night out too, complete with a show at the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue. The skits are hilarious and different every time I’ve attended. What surprises me most is how genuinely talented the cast is—they sing, dance, play instruments and tell jokes!

My getaway always includes getting plenty of fresh air on Glenwood Springs’ trails. Last year I hiked to Doc Holliday’s grave, this year I’ll explore Glenwood Canyon. To cap off the day, I’ll end as usual with a great meal and a glass of wine at one of Glenwood’s restaurants.

Yes, the holidays are on their way and I’m counting down the days—for my mid-season sanity break in Glenwood Springs!

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