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Make Time for a Whistle-Stop Visit to Glenwood’s Amtrak Station

Explore train travel then and now with a visit to the Glenwood Springs’ historic train depot.

Along with such easily identifiable structures as the Hotel Colorado, the sandstone bathhouse at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool and the Hotel Denver, the Glenwood Springs Train Depot is one of the town’s most historic buildings, and yet, one of its most overlooked attractions.

Located on Seventh Street, a hip downtown neighborhood that’s teeming with restaurants, shopping and nightlife, this strip of real estate wasn’t always so prized. When the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad built the depot in 1904, the street was home to a thriving red light district. In fact, it was so disreputable that when President William Howard Taft visited in 1909, he refused to leave the train due its proximity to the saloons and brothels.

Visitors still arrive in town by rail service via Amtrak’s California Zephyr. The east-west route travels from Chicago to San Francisco, making stops daily in Glenwood Springs. But even if you’re not traveling by train, be sure to visit the depot for a quick glimpse into the past. Imagine all the passengers who sat on the depot’s well-worn wooden benches, bought fares at the old-fashioned ticket window and enjoyed the breeze provided by the art deco ceiling fans.

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