Play Pokémon Go and See the Sights in Glenwood Springs

Hot springs and outdoor adventures are what attract people to visit Glenwood Springs, Colorado, but there’s a new game in town: the lure of capturing wild Pokémon.

By now you’ve heard of Pokémon Go, the newly launched smart phone game by Niantic that has become an overnight, worldwide sensation. Unlike traditional gaming apps, Pokémon Go encourages players to “Get Up, Get Out and Explore!”

That’s an entertaining and engaging commission for Pokémon Go players in the river and mountain town of Glenwood Springs. The historic downtown area alone is chocked full of Pokéstops, locations where players can restock their arsenal of items used to capture wild Pokémon. These include Poké Balls, Potions, Revives, Magic Eggs, Razzberrys and more. Glenwood Springs Pokéstops are easily identifiable public art, monuments, plaques, murals, parks, churches and trailheads like the one leading to Doc Holliday’s memorial.

“Pokémon Go has become a fun, new, interactive way of exploring Glenwood Springs,” said Lisa Langer, Vice President of Tourism Marketing for the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association. “It’s not uncommon to see groups of people out and about capturing Pokémon, competing in Gyms and restocking their Pokébags at the countless Pokéstops around town.”

The game also encourages physical fitness and rewards players for the distance they’ve walked; players receive achievement medals and the ability to hatch the eggs of mystery Pokémon. As players walk through the real world, in this case in Glenwood Springs, their phone will vibrate to let them know a wild Pokémon is nearby. Pokémon spotted in downtown include Nidorans, Spearows, Ponytas, Growlithes, Ekans, Pidgeys to name just a few.

“Gotta Catch’em All,” is the Pokémon Go slogan, and for visiting gamers, Glenwood Springs is a gotta-play destination. Make lodging reservations and find out more about Glenwood Springs’ activities and attractions at www.visitglenwood.com.