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fishing glenwood springs

Here Fishy, Fishy: Visiting the Glenwood Springs Fish Hatchery

Hooking a prized Cutthroat trout requires a combination of skill and luck, but neither is necessary to enjoy the thrill of feeding the fish at the Glenwood Springs Fish Hatchery.

The smallest of Colorado’s 19 fish hatcheries, the Glenwood Springs Fish Hatchery, is located in a secluded spot along Mitchell Creek in West Glenwood Springs. It’s an ideal 30 to 60 minute diversion for families in need of some downtime from the high energy activities of hiking to Hanging Lake, rafting through Glenwood Canyon or swimming in Glenwood’s hot springs.

The Glenwood Springs Fish Hatchery raises five different species of cold water fish: Native Cutthroat trout, Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Kokanee salmon and Arctic Graylings. Visitors can easily view and feed the brood stock at various stages of development in the long water troughs, called raceways, adjacent to the parking area.

The hatchery’s brood stock provides over 1 million Cutthroat eggs and over 2 million Rainbow trout eggs, many of which are nurtured indoors in the facility’s nurse basins. When the fish reach certain sizes, they are ready for stocking in Northwest Colorado’s streams and lakes. Trucks equipped with holding tanks for the fish are used to reach easily accessible locations. For the more remote waters in the high country, the trout arrive at their destinations by plane or in oxygenated bags via horseback, ATV or in the backpack of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife worker!

Fish Hatchery Visiting Tips:

•  Bring quarters for the fish food.
•  Secure your belonging and don’t drop or throw anything into the raceways.
•  Take time to read the signs explaining what happens at the fish hatchery.
•  Have fun learning something new.

To find out more about Glenwood Springs and book lodging reservations, go to visitglenwood.com.

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We are pleased to announce the US Forest Service rebuild of the Hanging Lake Trail that is set to begin this spring will allow for hiking on a limited basis through the construction period. Reservations will be available weekly, with available hiking dates and times released every Tuesday at 8:00 am MDT. This system aims to streamline access to the trail during construction, while ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

 Visit the Hanging Lake page HERE for more information and the booking portal.