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Glenwood Springs Trivia: The Naming of No Name

No Name, the oddly named and weirdly famous neighbor of Glenwood Springs has had people giggling ever since it was named – or not named – as its name implies. Essentially a suburb of Glenwood Springs, No Name is just three miles east of Glenwood Springs along I-70.

So how did this Glenwood Canyon hamlet get its oddball moniker? There are several stories, but the most widely accepted one is that the state sent out questionnaires about the town’s name to the villagers. The majority of inhabitants wrote “No Name” under the section labeled Name of Town. The state took them at their word and officially recorded “No Name” into the state records, sealing the town’s fate. Despite attempts to change it, the name stuck.

As a result, the town named for being nameless has given more than a few travelers passing by cause to chuckle. It was listed as one of 15 of the Weirdest Town Names in America and World’s Funniest Town Names.

Fortunately for visitors to Glenwood Springs, there’s much more to No Name than its peculiar name. No Name is home to Glenwood Canyon Resort where visitors can go rafting, ziplining, camping and more. There are also excellent hiking trails. No Name is the location of one of four rest areas in Glenwood Canyon and is also known for excellent rock climbing and fishing. For cyclists, the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path connects No Name with Glenwood Springs.

Find out more about Glenwood Springs and the surrounding area at visitglenwood.com.

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