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Take Three: A Hot Springs Tour in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, Colorado is home to a trio of very different hot springs experiences. Immerse yourself in all three in a single day, or better yet, devote an extra day or two to take in the best hot springs in Colorado!

With so many activities and attractions to explore, Glenwood Springs is an ideal destination to spend a weekend or several days, but life and schedules aren’t always so accommodating. Since its earliest days, Glenwood Springs has been a pioneer among Colorado hot springs towns, and to this day the mineral spring amenities continue to entice visitors from around the globe. If you only have a day or less to spend here, make the most of it with this itinerary that takes you on a tour of Glenwood’s hot springs hot spots. Come and enjoy the best hot springs in Colorado and find out for yourself why Glenwood Springs has the best hot springs in Colorado!

Stops Along the Way

Make the historic Glenwood Hot Springs your first stop. The pool opens early, at 7:30 a.m. during the summer peak season, or at 9 a.m. the rest of the year. In the morning hours, relish the luxury of having the world’s largest hot springs pool practically all to yourself. Soak in the 104°F (40°C) Therapy Pool with its submerged benches and free bubble chairs. To cool down a bit, switch to the more temperate 93°F (34°C) main pool where you can bask in the old-world ambiance provided by the magnificent stone bathhouse built in 1888 on one side and the pretty trellised lounging decks presided over by giant shade trees on the other. The views to the east and west are bookended by Lookout Mountain and Red Mountain. Ahh … what a nice way to start the day! And this is only one of two of the best hot springs in Colorado!

A logical second stop in your hot spring tour of Glenwood Springs is the Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves, just steps away from the Hot Springs Pool. Naturally-occurring vapor caves are an extremely rare geological phenomenon; in fact, Glenwood Springs’ are one of the few such caves in all North America. To access them, visitors descend a stairway and enter through a narrow passageway that leads to three main chambers. The caverns and passageways are softly lit adding to the surreal atmosphere. Hot mineral water flows through channels in the cave floors to create an all-natural geothermal steam bath. When the time comes to take a break from the heat – cool off under a spigot of water or relax in either the Spa’s solarium room or on the outdoor deck. Like soaking in the springs, devotees believe inhaling the mineral-rich vapors has restorative health benefits.

Save Glenwood Springs’ newest hot springs destination for last. With its westward facing views, Iron Mountain features 16 soaking pools situated on a terraced slope along the north bank of the Colorado River, each an ideal perch for watching Colorado’s color-saturated sunsets. The pools themselves are all different, ranging in temperature from 98°F to 108°F (36°C to 42°C); there’s an infinity pool, one with a waterfall and some even have pebble-covered bottoms for a do-it-yourself reflexology treatment. There’s also a freshwater family pool that provides a welcome respite from the heightened temperatures of the thermal pools; an attached elevated jetted spa soothes aches and pains. Finally, choose your favorite pool and as the sun dips below the mountains, raise a toast to a day well spent with a cocktail, cold beer or a glass of wine. Soak in the experience and beauty surrounding you at one of the best hot springs in Colorado!

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