• Glenwood Canyon Tour in Glenwood Springs,Colorado

Glenwood Canyon: 12 Miles of Amazing Things to Do

Hiking, biking, and rafting are among the most popular activities in Glenwood Canyon, but they aren’t the only ones—from ATVing to ziplining, there are endless ways to explore this natural Colorado wonder.

Glenwood Canyon Colorado is breathtaking, imposing, and inspirational. Formed by the mighty Colorado River, it’s home to Hanging Lake—one of the most beloved trails in the state—Interstate 70 running through it is a feat of modern engineering, its rugged beauty is the reason the Amtrak Vista Dome railcar was invented; the list goes on.

How best to enjoy this scenic marvel in a day or two? The short answer: any way you want. In case you need more to go on, however, here are some suggestions.

Best Viewing Ideas

Cycling is one of best ways to see the sights in Glenwood Canyon Colorado. You can rent bikes in Glenwood Springs and ride the length of the canyon along the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail. Alternatively, you can hop aboard a shuttle bus that will drop you off near the east end and just pedal one way, leaving plenty of extra time and energy for other activities like hiking, fishing, and relaxing.

Hanging Lake is the most well-known hiking trail in Glenwood Canyon. Thousands of visitors trek to the cliff-edge emerald-hued body of water each year. If you go, be prepared for a high volume of people equally eager to see this canyon jewel.

For a midday pick-me-up, pack a lunch and find a scenic spot to watch river rafters or admire the views at one of Glenwood Canyon’s four rest areas. There are plenty of picnic tables and shade trees, but a riverside rock also works well for an al fresco meal.

If fishing is your thing, drop your line in one of the canyon’s tributary streams anywhere from Grizzly Creek to No Name Creek. The bank fishing in these areas is deemed excellent; pocket fishing holes here have been known to reward patience with trophy-sized lunkers.

Other places to grab a bite or a drink during your canyon excursion include the No Name Grill at Glenwood Canyon Resort. The canyon’s only campground is home to a restaurant that features an outdoor bar overlooking the Colorado River. Knock back your favorite brew and watch as flotillas of rafters splash past.

In addition to booking whitewater rafting trips, Glenwood Canyon Resort is also the launch pad for high flying adventures. Securely attached to a zip line, experience the exhilaration of flying across the Colorado River. To up the thrill factor, try the high ropes challenge course and the climbing wall. Make spur of the moment plans or book advanced reservations through the Colorado Adventure Center.

Bair Ranch and Glenwood Canyon Resort both offer lodging in Glenwood Canyon Colorado. Choose from quiet cabins in the woods or near the river, tent sites, or RV campsites with full hookups, there are even luxury suites available for those who prefer a rustic setting with all the modern conveniences.

For authentic western-themed adventures, pre-plan a trip through Glenwood Adventure Company to Bair Ranch—a working ranch located at the east end of Glenwood Canyon. With the help of experienced outfitters, visitors can blaze a trail on horseback, navigate the backcountry via ATV, or bump along Colorado’s rugged roads by a four-wheel drive vehicle. Extend your day with a sunset BBQ cookout prepared by ranch hands and served from a covered wagon.

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