• Mountain Biking in Glenwood Springs

Mountain Biking and Off-Road biking In Glenwood Springs

Make tracks to Glenwood Springs for plenty of bold, challenging, free-wheeling fat tire fun! Terrain includes everything from dirt roads to singletracks and heart-thumping descents to skill-building topography.

Fast becoming a state-wide destination for mountain bikers, Glenwood Springs has been busy constructing new trails—Wulfsohn, Grandstaff, South Canyon—and improving the interconnectivity between them. The result is a range of rides, from quick workouts to satisfying treks.

Highlights include the new Grandstaff Trail, a fast-paced favorite that’s quickly becoming one of Glenwood’s signature rides. Another high-velocity roller is Boy Scout, a singletrack that dips and winds through the trees. For a more relaxed pace in an ultra-pretty setting, choose Babbish Gulch near Sunlight Mountain Resort. Other off-road terrain worth exploring include the Jeanne Golay Trail, Wulfsohn Trail, Transfer Trail and Dry Park Road.

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