• River Canoeing in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Colorado Canoe Adventure

Paddle serene lakes or slow moving sections of the Colorado River through Glenwood Canyon. Canoeing is a relaxing and calm way to explore the many local water ways. There are so many ways to experience the areas lakes and rivers, and for people who prefer a more leisurely approach, a Glenwood Springs Colorado canoe adventure might be the best option.

Skip the rapids with scary names and opt instead to paddle the flat water of a nearby lake or through calm sections of the Colorado where it runs deep and wide.

Spend an afternoon paddling a placid lake or a slow-moving section of the Colorado River. Good places to row include Ruedi Reservoir above Basalt, Harvey Gap near Rifle and lakes scattered across the Flat Tops north of Glenwood Springs. There are sections of the Colorado River that are wide and calm and offer excellent Glenwood Springs canoeing opportunities. In Glenwood Canyon, the 2.5-mile flat water section of river from Bair Ranch to Hanging Lake is ideal for canoeing.

While the two share a similar shape, canoeing offers water recreationists a completely different experience than inflatable kayaks or duckies.

Contact Information

Summit Canyon Mountaineering
205 6th Street
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

  • Canoes have more room for gear.
  • Canoes can be more comfortable.
  • It’s possible to stand up in a canoe.
  • Canoeists stay dryer than ducky riders.
  • The views are better from a canoe.
  • Canoes are easier to get in and out of.
  • There’s more room for two people in a canoe.
  • Canoeing tends to be a more relaxing experience than kayaking.

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