• Glenwood Springs, Colorado Segway Tours

Segway Tours in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

A guided tour is just about the only way most people will ever ride one of these motorized, two-wheeled personal transports. Follow guides up Red Mountain or to see the sights around town. Glide through downtown Glenwood Springs or up Red Mountain aboard a Segway Personal Transporter.

The leading-edge mobility technology is fun, safe and a great way to get around town to see the sights. After an easy, initial training and instruction session visitors are ready to roll.

Contact Information

Glenwood Adventure Company
723 Cooper Avenue
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

  • Segways are stable. Built-in balancing technology called dynamic stabilization keeps riders steady as they cruise around town.
  • Segways are easy to drive. A combination of propulsion, energy, inertial sensing and an incredibly intuitive user interface makes Segways a cinch to maneuver. Take them over terrain as varied as sidewalks, gravel roads and dirt trails. A zero turning radius means they can literally spin on a dime!
  • Segways are green machines. Battery operated, Segways are extremely efficient and provide an energy equivalency of 450 miles per gallon. A single charge can support up to 24 miles of travel and batteries will recharge when traveling downhill!
  • Segways are the perfect vehicle to see Glenwood Springs! Tours depart hourly and reservations are highly recommended.


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