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Glenwood Escape Room

Up for an engaging, real-life, challenge? Gather together a few friends, follow the clues and try to puzzle your way out of a locked room while the clock ticks down to zero. Escape rooms are a great way for friends, families or colleagues to connect as they work together to solve multiple puzzles that involve high and low-tech challenges, all while keeping cool under pressure.

Originating in Japan as live versions of video games, a form of LARPing or live action role playing, escape room games have caught on big time in the US. The appeal of escape rooms is they offer a way to temporarily suspend reality by walking through the door of an alternative universe, giving participants a chance to interact with one another in a new and unique way.

Contact Information

Glenwood Escape Room

923 Cooper Ave
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

The best escape room experiences are theatrically staged and dramatically themed. The Glenwood Springs Escape Room features three themes an Egyptian tomb escape, a mad scientist and Aunt Edna’s condo. Each room can hold 7 – 8 participants of age 10 or older. The participants are locked in the themed room of their choice and have one hour to solve the clues, unlock the door and escape. The alternative is to suffer the consequences: be cursed by Pharaoh, get pinched by the cops in the case of the casino heist, or lose Auntie’s massive fortune forever. If you think it’s a rigged game, think again. The odds of successfully escaping in the allotted time are just 50 percent. So choose your team carefully, follow the clues, and with some quick thinking and a little luck you just might make it out in the nick of time.

Reservations recommended.

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