Craft is King in Glenwood Springs!

Glenwood Springs is home to a trio of craft breweries. With warm-weather activities on travel itineraries, nothing feels as refreshing as a cold one to cap off a fun-filled day. This season, we’re raising a glass to our favorite local brews and new tasting experiences on tap now.

It’s no secret that there’s something special about the water in Glenwood Springs. The geothermal water sourced from deep within the earth is chock-full of minerals that soothe sore muscles and tired bodies while you soak. But the hot springs town is also home to high quality fresh water, a base ingredient in one of our favorite refreshments—cold, craft beer.

The most basic recipe for beer includes just four ingredients: water, yeast, malt and hops. Premium water is essential for great tasting beer. Glenwood Springs’ water supply comes from nearby rivers and streams fed by snowmelt from the surrounding high country. On its own, straight from the tap, it’s delicious and so is the beer made from it!

Glenwood Springs’s craft beer scene is ever evolving and currently features three breweries. Visit each one on your next visit to sample the latest brews.

Glenwood Canyon Brewpub sampler

Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company

is a classic pub located in Hotel Denver where you can watch a game and snack on an assortment of delicious appetizers. In addition to beer menu mainstays that never go out of favor such as Hanging Lake Light, St. James Irish Red Ale, Grizzly Creek Raspberry Wheat and Vapor Cave IPA, the brewpub is constantly teasing locals and visitors with new offerings. The Alpha-Beta Project and Barrel Project give Brewmaster Todd Malloy room to experiment with ingredients and customers the opportunity to appreciate his creativity. Check the beer board above the bar for the full selection.

Casey Brewing Barrel Cellar

Casey Brewing & Blending

is an ideal spot to sit, sip and watch the world go by downtown. Located under the bridge at Bethel Plaza, the Taproom flings open its garage-style doors once the weather warms. This season, owner Troy Casey has designed experiences to educate consumers on his unique brewing and blending process. Limited to 30 people, they take place at the Casey Brewing Barrel Cellar. The Funky Blender Experience is slated for May 21 featuring a handful of incredibly complex beers; the Vintage Base Experience on June 4 focuses on The Cut and Fruit Stand series. While guests taste a lineup of five beers, Casey breaks down each one and explains the effects of aging over time. Beer aficionados are encouraged to register early for this sure-to-sell-out event.

Ball Brewing hops

Ball Brewing & Taproom

is located south of town along Highway 82 and offers some of the best beer-drinking views and brews in Glenwood Springs. Love of the craft is what got owner Bobby Ball started homebrewing years ago. Now he pours his passion into creating the perfect pint for every customer who walks through the door or sits on the patio admiring snowcapped Mt. Sopris while sipping his palate-pleasing suds. Ball has a reputation for serving up drinkable craft beers that appeal to a wide variety of beer fans such as Captain Ron Tropical Pale Ale, American Hazy Wheat, Bootlegger Honey Brown Ale and C-Trial Pilsner.

You wouldn’t miss soaking in the hot springs, rafting on the rivers or biking the trails, don’t skip another essential Glenwood Springs activity—sampling the new brews on tap at local Glenwood Springs’ breweries. Learn more and make plans to visit today!

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