Glenwood Springs Enacts Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Effective Friday, June 18 at 12:01 a.m.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO – The City of Glenwood Springs will join other regional jurisdictions and agencies to enact Stage 1 fire restrictions effective 12:01 a.m. on Friday, June 18.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to use fire safely and adhere to the fire restrictions,” said Mayor Jonathan Godes. “These important restrictions intentionally target ways that help our community reduce fire risk and prevent wildfires during periods of high fire danger.”

For the purpose of clarifying these restrictions the following definitions are offered.

By definition:

A “Developed Area” is an area, whether within city limits or rural, that is groomed, manicured and or watered, where grasses, brush and trees are regularly attended to by landowner. This includes residential and business areas, improved recreational areas, parks and other common areas.

An “Undeveloped Area” are lands that are not groomed, manicured, or watered, where grasses, brush and trees have been allowed to grow in a natural environment. This includes green belts that are not landscaped or manicured, open space lands, non-manicured park lands, and other areas where the fire hazard presented by the vegetation is determined by the authority having jurisdiction or designee to be an undue wildland fire hazard.

The following Stage 1 Fire Restrictions will be strictly enforced:

  • All Burn Permits Canceled. All Open Burning Permits are canceled during Fire Restrictions.
  • Campfires/Recreational Fires:
    • In Developed Areas, campfire/recreational fires are allowed within designated fire pits  (i.e. a permanent in-ground containment structure).  A temporary fire pan, Chiminea, or rock campfire ring is NOT acceptable.
    • In Undeveloped Areas, only gas-fueled devices with a shut-off valve shall be permitted.
  • No smoking, except within a designated area, an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed area or in an area free of combustibles.
  • No use of any explosives. All explosives are prohibited, including blasting caps, “exploding” targets, bullets, tracer rounds, model rockets, etc.
  • Hot work. Exercise common sense and industry safety practices when welding, grinding, or operating an acetylene or other similar torch with open flame.
  • Use of Powered Equipment. Must have a properly-installed spark arrestor and method for fire extinguishment.

In addition to stage 1 fire restrictions, all personal use of fireworks is prohibited in the City of Glenwood Springs and Garfield County until November.

Fire Restriction violations can be reported to law enforcement via 9-1-1. Violation can lead to serious consequences including fines and imprisonment.

Fire Safety Reminders

  • Register or update your contact information today for emergency alerts at
  • Ask an out-of-town relative or friend to be your “family contact.” Your contact should live outside of your area. During family separations, it is often easier to contact an out of area relative. Family members should call the contact and tell him or her where they are. Everyone must know the contact’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Prepare your home: Check for, and remove, fire hazards in and around your home (roofs, gutters and under decks) such as dried out branches, leaves and debris.
  • Adults and children should know the basics: the sound of smoke alarms, the location of the nearest fire escape, emergency numbers, and an established meeting area.
  • Be fire wise: Prepare an emergency evacuation kit to keep in your vehicle, and a go bag.
  • Check vehicles and trailers before trips to ensure chains on the tow assembly aren’t dragging on the ground.
  • If you see a fire approaching your home or community, report it immediately by dialing 9-1-1.

For more information and for current fire restriction information, visit