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Virtual Ghost Walk in Glenwood Springs, Colorado!

The Ghost Walk at Linwood Cemetery has been a signature event of Glenwood Springs for years. Witnessing the historic reenactment of famed wild west characters such as Doc Holliday has been popular with visitors and locals alike. This year, people can catch up with the ghosts of Glenwood Springs virtually!

“Let’s be honest. You couldn’t make up the stories people enjoy our “ghosts” telling through their portrayal of real-life characters buried in the Linwood Cemetery. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.” – Bill Kight, Executive Director of the Glenwood Springs Historical Society 

The Glenwood Springs Historical Society will stream the beloved annual Ghost Walk at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 22.

Streaming of the event will require a minimum donation of $5, although larger donations are strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated. The annual event has served as the main fundraiser for the historical society in previous years, supporting beloved, historic Glenwood Springs’ amenities, including the Frontier Museum, Doc Holliday Museum and the historic Linwood Cemetery. Buy tickets to gain access to the virtual ghost walk at:

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