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Open-Air Dining Key to Eating Well in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is a town with an amazing, vibrant dining scene, welcoming visitors with a mix of laid-back restaurants, elevated menu options and an abundance of open-air eateries, all in a one-of-a-kind Colorado mountain setting. Enjoy!

With face-covering mandates and social distancing requirements, eating out has become a little more complicated than it was just a few months ago. Fortunately, Glenwood Springs is way out ahead of the curve when it comes to dining experiences that are prudently health-conscious yet satisfyingly scrumptious.

Please Note: Face coverings are required in downtown, within businesses and at restaurants before seated by the state of Colorado and town ordinance. Keep in mind that restaurants have lower capacities to allow for social distancing and group sizes may be limited to 6 or 8 people per table. Overall, your experience in Glenwood Springs will be more enjoyable if you travel as a small group, allowing you to share e.g. the Glenwood Gondola, Rafting Boats, Tables etc.

Where to Eat in Glenwood Springs

Outdoor Venues are a Breath of Fresh Air

Clean, mountain air and outdoor dining have been a winning recipe for restaurants in Glenwood Springs since COVID guidelines went into place. “Restaurants in Glenwood Springs are serving up a whole new and enhanced dining experience,” said Lisa Langer, Director of Tourism Promotion for Glenwood Springs. “They are going the extra distance for patrons, bringing meals outdoors where diners can relax with delicious food in an environment that feels spacious, welcoming and even festive.”

Many downtown restaurants have embraced outdoor dining with creative solutions that enable guests to sit down to a meal with room to spare. Enjoy food al fresco at these Glenwood Springs restaurants, many centrally located in the downtown area.

Bethel Plaza.

Bethel Plaza (c) @mahphotogram shared with #visitglenwood

Choose from a wide assortment of dining establishments located under the Grand Avenue Bridge and in the nearby blocks. Many evenings there’s also live music for a street-fest feel.

Complete your Bethel Plaza dining experience with a draft beer or delicious desert at these spots:

taproom of casey brewing

Seventh Street.

street and flowers

7th Street (c) @riverblendcoffee shared with #visitglenwood

Overlapping with Bethel Plaza, Seventh Street is known as Glenwood’s “restaurant row.” Pull up a chair and enjoy the mountain town vibe with Colorado River views.


outside of restaurant

For a quiet meal, find these off-Grand Avenue eateries tucked in along Glenwood’s side streets still in the heart of downtown.

Outdoor Underground.

outside of restaurant with sign

Step down below ground level for fine eats and sweet treats in a setting that feels airy yet is secluded.

Over the River.

Follow the Glenwood Springs Pedestrian Bridge to one of Glenwood Springs’ most iconic hotels for a delicious meal in a historic setting.

Bon Appetit! Eat well and be well in Glenwood Springs. With ample outdoor seating in a mountain-town setting with food and drinks galore, dining in the hot springs town has never been so delicious! Learn more and make plans to visit Glenwood Springs today.

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