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Plan a Sustainable, Green Vacation to Glenwood Springs, Colorado

A growing number of travelers worldwide are embracing green vacations. As a mountain town that utilizes 100 percent renewable electricity and has an abundance of things to do, Glenwood Springs is the natural choice when it comes to vacation destinations.

There’s an environmental cost to taking a vacation. The impact varies, depending on where you go, how you get there and in what activities you partake. Glenwood Springs, Colorado is leading the way as an ethical, environmentally friendly destination. From your low-impact arrival in town to what to do when you get here, you can easily plan a fun-filled, eco-conscious vacation to Colorado’s favorite hot springs mountain town.

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Glenwood Springs’ Deep Green Roots

Glenwood Springs has always embraced green ideals. The town’s geothermal attractions have historically used the hot water resource to heat buildings, melt snow and preheat municipal water supplies. In 2019, Glenwood Springs became the second city in Colorado and the seventh in the U.S. to rely on 100 percent renewable electricity. For travelers, this means leaving a carbon-neutral footprint when staying at a hotel, going out to eat or enjoying an attraction in Glenwood Springs.

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A Green Light to Go

Located in the heart of Colorado, getting to Glenwood Springs is easy, even without a vehicle. Leave a negative carbon footprint by arriving in town by either by rail or by bus. For international travelers coming through Denver International Airport, take the A-line rail service to Denver Union Station, then spend a day acclimatizing to the Mile-High City’s elevation. The next morning, head to Union Station to connect with Amtrak’s westbound California Zephyr. The train travels one of the most scenic routes in the country and makes daily stops in Glenwood Springs. Alternatively, travelers can hop aboard the Bustang, an inter-regional bus service which also leaves from Union Station each evening with daily transport to Glenwood Springs.

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Eco-stays Made Easy

As a town that utilizes 100 percent renewable electricity, choosing lodging in Glenwood Springs that embraces green practices couldn’t be simpler. Every hotel, motel and lodge in town is green! Some go further by using energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting. Many give visitors the option to reuse their towels over a multi-day visit and some even recycle soap, shampoo and conditioner with programs like Clean the World, which helps reduce the spread of illness by promoting hygiene through handwashing.

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Conservation Conscious Recreation

Many of Glenwood Springs’ attractions also have an eco-wise disposition. Hanging Lake is a perfect example. A scenic highlight in Glenwood Canyon, the fragile lake environment and trail were being destroyed by overuse. Thanks to a permit system and a shuttle bus service, the lake and surrounding habitat are thriving, while visitors are having a better hiking experience. In addition to Hanging Lake, these Glenwood Springs attractions and activities are also green-approved.

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Eat like a Locavore

Enjoy farm-to-table meals, dining options and locally crafted beer while in town. Not only will you eat well, but your choices also support a community of individuals who care about the environment as much as you do. For sustainable, guilt-free food and beverage try the following purveyors.

American Restaurants in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

As an environmental leader, Glenwood Springs is a travel destination you can feel good about visiting. Learn more and plan your green vacation to Glenwood Springs today at

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