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12 Instagramable Photos to Take in Glenwood Springs

Don’t miss the opportunity to take these Instagram-worthy photos on your Glenwood Springs vacation. Any season of the year, these images capture the essence of Colorado’s favorite hot springs town.

1.. Sopris Splash Zone Grand Fountain.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort’s new Sopris Splash Zone is a family-friendly play area. It includes three “adventure zones.” Shoshone Chutes is a fast-moving whitewater adventure ride, Hanging Lake features a wading pool, waterfalls and ample shade, and the Grand Fountain is a splash pad by day and a show fountain at night. For the best views, take your photo from the pedestrian bridge after dark. The illuminated fountain, with the hot springs pool in the background, is mesmerizing as it lights up the night with all the colors of the rainbow.


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2. Glenwood Caverns Viewing Deck.

For a bird’s eye view of Glenwood Springs, the Roaring Fork Valley and the Colorado River Valley, take a panoramic shot from the viewing deck at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. While the Park is famous for its cave tours and thrill rides that are perched on the edge of a mountain, its location at 7,100 feet above Glenwood Springs also provides unparalleled vistas.


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3. Hanging Lake Waterfalls.

A scene of breathtaking natural beauty awaits those who hike to Hanging Lake. Though permits are required year-round to maintain and preserve the popular attraction, a little advanced planning and an online reservation will secure your spot to trek to this gem in Glenwood Canyon. There are plenty of picture-taking opportunities all along the path, but the highlight comes at the summit, where three waterfalls cascade into the crystal-clear lake. For a foolproof and frameable result, take your photo from the platform facing the falls.


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4. Glenwood Springs’ Restaurant Row.

Seventh Street in downtown is a hub for Glenwood Springs restaurants and is often referred to as “Glenwood’s Restaurant Row.” For an elevated perspective, snap photos from the south end of the pedestrian bridge, overlooking such dining establishments as the Riviera Supper Club, CO Ranch House, Juicy Lucy’s, the Pullman, Glenwood Canyon Brewpub, the Grind, Smoke and Casey Brewing.
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5. Iron Mountain Hot Springs Infinity Pool.

With three geothermal attractions, hot springs soaking (and steaming) is the number one activity in Glenwood Springs. The mineral-rich waters and vapors work wonders for soothing sore muscles and inducing a state of calmness. To capture the serene aesthetic, take a selfie in Garnet at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, an infinity soaking pool. With the right angle, the pool’s water appears to meld with the Colorado River in the background.


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girl in infinity pool at iron mountain hot springs

6. Hotel Colorado Bell Towers.

Though the bells were removed in the1940s by the Navy when it commandeered the hotel for a convalescent hospital for wounded WWII sailors, the flag-topped towers of the Hotel Colorado remain as two sentries overlooking the courtyard. For photographers, this spot offers an assortment of architectural compositions with interesting leading lines.


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Five more photo-worthy shots:

  1. Doc Holliday’s memorial marker in Linwood Cemetery
  2. The historic red sandstone Amtrak Train Depot
  3. The neon gun above the Doc Holliday Saloon
  4. Colorado Big Horn Sheep near Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves
  5. Paragliders soaring above Red Mountain
  6. Colorado River and Glenwood Canyon from the new Pedestrian Bridge

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