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Sopris Splash Zone is Making Waves in Glenwood Springs

Making a splash is what it’s all about at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort this summer. The venerable geothermal resort recently opened the Sopris Splash Zone, adding yet one more way for visitors to play in the water in Glenwood Springs.

Glenwood Springs is the place where families flock to cool off, relax and have fun in the Colorado mountains. The main attraction, at the center of it all, is water. Two rivers and three hot springs attractions make Glenwood Springs the destination of choice for summer family fun.

sopris splash zone water fall at glenwood hot springs

Slide, Splash, Play: There’s a New Game in Town

This month Glenwood Hot Springs Resort debuted the Sopris Splash Zone, a new aquatic playground that features a fast-moving river ride, waterfalls, interactive play areas, a splash and show fountain as well as ample shade and soft surfaces. The Sopris Splash Zone consists of three main areas, all named for area attractions or local history.

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Shoshone Chutes

Designed to mimic a Colorado whitewater rafting experience, Shoshone Chutes’ “walls” resemble rock formations in Glenwood Canyon. Like an actual river, the ride is interspersed with smoother sections followed by frothy, fast-moving “whitewater.” Riders, who must be above a certain height, descend on either single or double tubes. After a series of rapids, the ride gently deposits tubers into a large wading pool at the bottom where a lifeguard ensures a safe exit. The 3-minute-long ride has seen non-stop action since it opened on July 13.

Women floating in Adventure River in a tube at Glenwood Hot springs

Hanging Lake

Another highlight of the Sopris Splash Zone is Hanging Lake kid’s slides and water fall, a zero-depth-entry pool that lets children get comfortable in the water at their own pace, while those acclimated can venture under and behind the gently cascading waterfalls, something you can’t do at Hanging Lake the National Natural Landmark. Kiddie slides and interactive play features keep this an area of perpetual motion for kids of all ages.

The Grand Fountain

During the day the Grand Fountain sprays water seven feet in the air, providing an engaging and interactive area for cooling off. After hours, it is illuminated and soars to 17 feet, for a dazzling display easily visible to guests at the resort as well as to passersby on the Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.

Sopris Splash Zone: Opening times & cost

The Sopris Splash Zone is open daily through the fall as weather permits. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is no additional fee to use the new attractions in the Sopris Splash Zone.

Grand fountain - glenwood hot springs

More waterworks in Glenwood Springs

The Sopris Splash Zone at Glenwood Hot Springs is the newest but not the only way to have a water-themed good time in Glenwood Springs. Rafting season is still going strong on the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon. Guided fishing trips are always popular and productive, as is just plunking a line in from shore. Soaking and steaming are a must on any visit to Glenwood Springs. Iron Mountain Hot Springs features 16 riverside soaking pools and the Yampah Vapor Caves offer the rare opportunity for a natural geothermal steam-bath.

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