How to Wreck a Romantic Getaway to Glenwood Springs in 4 Easy Steps

A couple’s trip is a wonderful idea,

especially to Glenwood Springs

—it’s a steamy and intimate geothermal ski town in the Colorado mountains —but take care, tanking a romantic vacation is easier than you might think.  


  1. Give in to pressure. The holidays may be over, but the pressure to perform is back on in a big way. That heart-filled day of coupling bliss—Valentine’s Day—is coming up. Conventional wisdom says, you better be on your game. If you jet off for a seat-of-your-pants, last-minute trip, you’ll overpay for accommodations with a parking lot view, while indulging in Valentine’s day specials of predictable food and watered-down drinks.

Romantic, laid back Glenwood Springs alternative:

Don’t be a hostage to hallmark holidays. Celebrate a special day or occasion when you can truly relax and unwind together. If avoiding crowds is important, consider a mid-week trip to Glenwood Springs when attractions like Sunlight Mountain Resort, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool are more serene, and yes, romantic.


  1. Bust the budget. The number one thing couples fight about is money. There’s no better way to trash your trip than to blow your budget. Your partner might adore your lavish generosity in the moment, but when the bills roll in a month later, look out!

Romantic, money-saving Glenwood Springs alternative:

Even though Glenwood Springs is one of Colorado’s most affordable vacation destinations, it’s still worth your while to scout out deals and packages. Skiers and snowboarders may want to book a Ski Swim Stay or a Slope and Soak package to save money. Feel good about savings with spa packages and rest easy with lodging deals that vary throughout the year.


  1. Don’t experiment. Play it safe and stick to what you know. Say ‘no’ to the spicy vindaloo and the fruited farmhouse ale, pass up a Segway tour around town or paragliding off Red Mountain; forget about the adrenaline rush of dropping 110-feet underground on the Haunted Mine Drop ride at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Romantic, exciting Glenwood Springs alternative.

Have fun exploring the new and novel together in Glenwood Springs. Glenwood’s dining scene is a smorgasbord of delicious cuisine: try eggplant cannellini, custom ground burgers, vegetable korma and even Rocky Mountain oysters—said to be an aphrodisiac!

For activities, try escaping from a locked room, a couple’s massage or a private mud bath for two at the Yampah Spa.


  1. Stuck like glue. These might be the lyrics of a hit country song, but that doesn’t make them any less grating. Nothing will drive your partner nuts or extinguish romantic flames faster than giving him or her zero personal space.

Romantic, independent Glenwood Springs alternative.

As much as you want to spend every minute together, a little breathing room can fan the flames of love. She likes to shop for souvenirs, you don’t. He’s into Western history and Doc Holliday lore, but you’re not. Why not spend some time doing activities independently, then meetup for cocktails, cake or coffee afterwards and share stories?



Always choose the romantic alternative—a thoughtfully planned, splendidly-timed, adventure-filled, no-pressure escape for two to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.



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