Fresh Air: 6 Reasons to Eat Outside in Glenwood Springs

Everything seems to taste better sitting beneath an umbrella at an outdoor eatery. In Glenwood Springs, dining al fresco is a delicious warm-weather ritual. Find out where to go for an outdoor meal.

A great meal seems to taste better when you’re sitting outdoors in Glenwood Springs. Even a simple cup of coffee is elevated to java nirvana when it’s sipped at an atmospheric sidewalk café. Given the choice, we tend to prefer eating outdoors for a number of reasons.

1. It’s a great escape

We spend a good portion of our lives indoors. Eating outdoors gives us a sense of freedom, lifts our spirits and liberates us from the confines of the everyday walls that hem us in at work, home and school. It’s an opportunity to set aside preoccupations and focus on the simple act of eating good food. It also happens to be one of the most enjoyable things to do in Glenwood Springs.

2. Cool breezes & sunshine

Most days from spring through late fall, the weather is ideal for eating at Glenwood’s restaurants that offer outdoor dining. Umbrellas provide table-topping shade, but even on the hottest days, diners can count on a refreshing current of air for cooling off. When you want to bask in the shoulder season sunshine, catching a few rays over a chef-made salad or hearty bowl of soup can be as nourishing and restorative as the meal itself.

3. Everything tastes better outside

For most of human history, people have eaten outside, though perhaps not always by choice. These days eating al fresco conjures nostalgia for simpler, less hectic times of days gone by. Though science says food tastes the same despite the setting in which it’s served, Glenwood Springs visitors and locals instinctively know sipping a local craft beer is more enjoyable on the brewery’s patio or that there’s a higher fun factor chomping a messy hot beignet covered in powdered sugar in full display of passersby.

4. It feels extra casual

Eating outdoors is associated with barbeques, picnics and other social gatherings. Al fresco dining settings typically highlight the natural environment with landscape or river vistas, pretty potted plants, a fountain with the sound of trickling water. Dining in such a setting makes the meal, whether simple or extravagant, seem more special, convivial and meaningful.

5. The people watching

There’s no better place to sit back and watch the world go by than at an outdoor café or restaurant. At Glenwood Springs eateries you could see people splashing in the hot springs, cyclists riding by, couples hand-in-hand, families on outings together. You’ll run into friends and fellow travelers, meet locals and hear street musicians playing.

6. Sunsets and summer evenings

Cap off the day with a delicious meal and a spectacular sunset at one of Glenwood’s many restaurants. Choose from rooftop and mountain-top dining, pool and riverside eateries or restaurants with downtown and urban views.

Where to eat and drink al fresco in Glenwood Springs:

Other places with outdoor seating:

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