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Glenwood Springs is Your New BFC: Biking-Friendly Community

Glenwood Springs was named a Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB). Learn why this hot springs and river town is also one the best places in Colorado to go for a bike ride.

With miles of paved trails, single-track, the completion of the new Grandstaff Trail and more cycling-centric plans for the future, it’s no wonder that Glenwood Springs ranks high as a great place to go for a ride. Glenwood Springs was recognized as a Silver Level winner and is the only town in Colorado to be named a Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) by LAB in its latest round of picks (Spring 2018).

Family Biking in Glenwood Canyon

Part of what makes Glenwood Springs an ideal locale for pedaling is that it’s welcoming to cyclists of all ages, abilities and interest levels. “You don’t have to be a hardcore mountain biker to enjoy yourself in Glenwood Springs,” Lisa Langer, Director of Tourism Promotion said. “Though if you are, there’s plenty of terrain for you, too. Our trails offer something for everyone from families with young children to serious athletes and senior citizens.”

In late June, Glenwood Springs will welcome participants of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, a seven-day, nearly 500-mile ride through the Colorado Rockies. Cyclists will pitch tents at the Glenwood Springs Community Center and rest up, many enjoying a soak in the town’s hot springs before they hit the road again the next day.

Rent A Bike

As a cycling town, Glenwood Springs has several bike shops that offer a fleet of rentals for visitors. Some shops even have electric-assist versions making the sport accessible and enjoyable for all.

Mountain Biker at Sunlight Mountain Resort

Riding an E-bike from Sunlight Ski And Bike Shop


Where to Hit the Trail in Glenwood Springs

Paved Trails

Glenwood Springs Biker

The Rio Grande Trail is a smooth-surface 42-mile long trail that follows the Roaring Fork River and connects Glenwood Springs with Aspen, and all destinations in between. Built along the railroad corridor, it has a moderate grade. The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail takes riders out into scenic Glenwood Canyon, along the Colorado River. There are some steep sections at No Name, but for most of the trail’s 16 miles it’s gentle riding, ideal for a leisurely outing. For a short riverside ride, try 3-mile Atkinson Trail. Each of these trails has plenty of places to stop for breaks or to appreciate the views. They are ideal rides for families and sight-seers.

Mountain Biking Trails

With the addition of the newly-built Grandstaff Trail on Red Mountain, Glenwood’s network of mountain biking trails continues to grow, attracting fat-tire enthusiasts from near and far. For single-track thrills, Boy Scout is a satisfying ride that finishes near Glenwood’s dining district. Refuel afterwards with a beer and an appetizer. Babbish Gulch traverses aspen meadows and mountain scenery near Sunlight Mountain Resort. Jeanne Golay Trail is a steady climb that culminates at the cross on top of Red Mountain—a Glenwood Springs landmark. The Golay trail connects with the Grandstaff Trail – a raucous, flowing ride with big, vertical, grand views and optional air time. Just be careful and watch your speed. The Wulfsohn Trail in West Glenwood Springs behind the Meadows Shopping Center offers a great workout and also connects to the Jeanne Golay Trail.

The South Canyon Trail system will be completed soon, watch for more information on Glenwood Springs’ newest biking trail.

Other stand-alone rides include Transfer Trail, a steep climb which, if you persevere, will land you atop a cliff called Windy Point overlooking No Name Canyon. Dry Park Road is located up Four-Mile Road and connects to Carbondale. Part pavement, gravel and compacted dirt, this road meanders through Glenwood’s ranching country.

Glenwood Springs is your new BFC—bicycle-friendly community.

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