iron mountain hot springs

Soak in the Sunset at Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs

Really, anytime of day is ideal for soaking at Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood’s newest visitor attraction; but if schedules permit consider timing a visit to include a Western Colorado sunset.

Sixteen soaking pools and a larger, cooler freshwater family pool with a whirlpool allow visitors to customize their hot springs experience. Meandering paths connect the pools which are situated on a terraced hillside for unimpeded views of the Colorado River and the surrounding mountains. The soaking pools range in temperature from a warm 98°F to a toasty 108°F, and part of the fun is trying them all out even if it’s only for a quick dip in the hottest one.

To differentiate the pools, each is named. For example, Garnet features an infinity element with views that appear to seamlessly spill over into the Colorado River. The bottom of the Topaz and Lapis pools are covered with loose river pebbles that massage feet with every step, while the pool called Motherlode is as hot as it gets!

As the sun sets in the west, watch the end-of-day show from one of the pools or from a lounge chair on the deck. Better yet, toast the twilight with a cocktail, a beer or wine served in pool-friendly drink ware, all while soaking in the views. Adding to the tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty is a soundtrack of soothing music playing in the background that gently reminds visitors they are here to relax, restore and rejuvenate; body, mind and spirit.

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