Best Whitewater Rafting in Colorado:

Glenwood Springs

Like skiing in winter, rafting is the equivalent summertime outdoor adventure for visitors vacationing in Colorado—and Glenwood Springs, with the Colorado River running through spectacular Glenwood Canyon, is the best choice for whitewater thrills.

Why is white water rafting in Colorado the best?

  • The thrill of a lifetime.

    Thanks to Colorado’s majestic mountains which send torrents of water into the state’s rivers every spring, Colorado is home to some of the best whitewater rafting in the US, and it doesn’t get any better than in Glenwood Springs. Spring run-off begins as the weather warms in the high country starting in late March and April and hits its peak in June—a month when flows are at their highest and fastest. As flow rates taper off into August and early September, the landscape of the river changes as well, providing new challenges to navigate and thrills to experience.

  • Colorado scenery.

    Glenwood Canyon is one of Colorado’s most remarkable and accessible scenic landmarks. The Colorado River slices through the 16-mile long channel, creating a landscape of towering cliffs and rare geological wonders like Hanging Lake. One of the best ways to experience this stretch of natural beauty is astride a raft on a summer’s day. You’ll feel the raw power of nature as you cascade through churning whitewater rapids and be awed by the views chiseled rock cliffs. If you’re lucky you may even spot some resident wildlife, including bald eagles and Colorado bighorn sheep.

  • Family friendly.

    Established, experienced and reputable outfitters serve the Glenwood Springs rafting community. You can find a list of guides here. Each one is committed to ensuring Glenwood’s visiting families have a great time on the river. While almost anyone can go rafting, there are a few exceptions worth noting before planning your Colorado rafting vacation. Children under 35 pounds are not permitted on commercial rafting trips because they are too small to fit the life jackets and are unable to self-rescue should they fall out. Kids who are under 50 pounds are not allowed to raft through the Shoshone Rapids in Glenwood Canyon, but can enjoy other rafting trips on calmer sections of the river. Of course, if you have a medical condition, you should check with your physician before booking a rafting trip. Other than that, bring your sense of adventure and get ready to make a splash!

Reasons to Choose Glenwood Springs for Rafting!

World Class River Guides. Our river guides are trained and certified offering trips of varying levels. Keep these guidelines in mind as you select and book your Glenwood Springs rafting trip. Outfitters can also help steer you to an excursion that’s the right fit for your crew.

  • Class I/II rapids: Ideal for families with young children who want a more relaxed time on the river.
  • Class II/III rapids: Best for those looking for a mix of whitewater and relaxation.
  • Class III/IV: Choose these trips for adrenaline-pumping adventure.

In-river hot springs to rejuvenate. One of the best parts of rafting in Glenwood Springs is stopping at in-river hot springs dotted along the banks of the Colorado River. Guides know where these special spots are located and love to surprise guests with an unscheduled stop. Depending on the river flows, these wild springs can be submerged, but for most of the rafting season, they are accessible. To spot them, be on the lookout for makeshift rock walls that keep the pools just the right temperature for warming up midway through a Glenwood Springs rafting trip.

For the best rafting in Colorado, book a whitewater river trip in Glenwood Springs.


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